Ok so we’re at home now for a few weeks. Meaning casual fashion couldn’t be more appropriate!  Some of us or most of us are homeschooling plus trying to work plus trying to keep the house clean etc. All you want to do is get up and get dressed to start your day. Something easy that is not jammies, yoga gear or sweats.

Today’s video is super easy. One pair of jeans styled easily with things most of you have in your wardrobe.

First look is just an oversized cardigan worn with a belt. Now you can take any oversized cardigan and any belt and make a similar look. Remember it’s all about using what you have and making it easy!

Jeans: Zara (try to find vintage ones if possible)

Cardigan: Frieda Sand (just a sample)

Shirt: Zara current

Belt: Zara

Slippers: Ugg similar here

Second look is an oversized button up with a few necklaces. – any oversized shirt is great! Go and steal one of your husbands. They are always the best.

Shirt: Vintage button up

Necklace: Like Lili Like

Shoes: Birkenstocks

Third look a simple dress worn over jeans. I love love love a dress over jeans and you can honestly wear any dress. I personally love a sheer dress so I can wear a tee as well. But it doesn’t matter, use what you have!

Dress: Vintage from Vintage Revivals

Easy looks that have you looking together while still staying comfy.


P.S.  for more styling inspiration check out the Style Edit