As we all know, you are not fit for Christmas until the Christmas Tree is up and decorated!  A tradition in many many houses across the world we sure.  But, do you know where the tradition of decorating the Christmas is said to have originated??  Well low and behold would you believe it’s our very own beloved Germany. So for those of you clueless on where to buy your tree, believe us, we were too, here’s a list to get you started.

Also, a tree without decorations would be a very sad tree! So, check out where to buy the best decorations in Frankfurt here “Christmas Decorations: the good, the awesome and downright spectacular

And for a coffee before or after heading out to get your beautiful tree, check out our takeaway coffee guide.  Not only is it cold out there and you’ll need the warmth but they will certainly appreciated the visit!

Where to buy your Christmas Tree

  • Weihnachtsbaum Frankfurt-Nordend
    • Oeder Weg 56-58
    • 9am -7pm, everyday
  • Christbaum-Center Frankfurt 
    • Friedberger Landstraße 450, across from Friedberger Platz
    • Sunday – Friday, 10am – 6pm, Saturday, 9:30- 5:30pm
  • Weihnachtsbaumverkauf am Frankfurter Ostpark
    • Ratsweg 17

    • 9am – 7pm, everyday
  • Weihnachtsbaumverkauf Sachsenhausen
    • Dreieichstraße 59

    • Sunday, 9am -8pm, Monday – Saturday, 9am – 7pm
  • Weihnachtsbäume für Frankfurt
    • Eckenheimer Landstraße 431

    • 10am – 8pm, everyday
  • Bockenheim Warte
    • Just below the Bockenheimer Warte
    • 9am – 7pm
  • Weihnachtsbaumfreunde Trees for rent!!!!! Check out their website.
    • 55122 Mainz-Gonsenheim, Kirchengelände der Pfarrgemeinde St.Canisius,
    • 55129 Mainz-Ebersheim, Töngesstr.22