Coffee and caffeine sustains many of us through life. And, as I’m sure everyone has noticed (unless you’ve been living under a rock, and quite frankly that might be the smart option) we are living through the worst pandemic this generation has seen.  And not to be frivolous but that requires coffee, lots of it!

So it only seems fair that we try help sustain some of our favourite coffee haunts through this second lockdown!  To clarify we are not asking you to save the world merely take a walk and pick up a takeaway!

Home schooling (dear heaven please let us never go back), home working, staycationing and literally rewiring the way society functions again requires coffee.  So whether you need to restock your bean supply or just grab a coffee you didn’t need to make yourself we’ve go you covered!  Here’s a selection of Frankfurt coffee shops that are continuing, despite the circumstance, to still give you great coffee albeit takeaway!


Bohnerie is not only owned by one of the nicest couples but personally run by them too!  Rawa is a master of all things ‘bean’ so not only will you find him behind the coffee machine but you will also find him behind the roaster.  He usually rotates 8-9 single origin coffees in a season from the likes of Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

We Recommend:  the ‘Rawa Speciale’.  With all the tinkering he does with his blends and roasting you always going to get something interesting

Where to find them:  Eschersheimer Landstraße 14


Having recently opened a gorgeous second space on Bornwiesenweg it truly does tug at our heart strings that they need to ‘close’!  Amazing cakes and breakfasts to go and vegan options

We Recommend: Breakfast to go (we have thing for smashed avocado on top toast topped with an egg ????)

Where to find them:  Bornwiesenweg 4 and Eckenheimer Landstraße 70

Good to know:  You can order online (so clever and convenient!)


On the slightly less ‘crazy’ side of Zeil close to Bornheim you’ll find Try Frankfurt!  The girls there are so super friendly and they have very yummy sandwiches all made fresh right there!

Where to find them:  Zeil 5

Hoppenworth and Ploch – Nordend/Altstadt

A well established institution on the Frankfurt coffee scene they continue to serve their loyal patrons through this pandemic!

Where to find them:  Markt 22 (Neue Altstadt) and Friedberger Landstraße 86 

Good to know:  The Cafe am Campus is currently closed  

IImori – Neue Altstadt

From the streets of the old Aldstadt take a step inside a world of perfect French Japanese fusion and be delighted.  Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, enormous mirrors hang from the walls and antique tables and chairs invite you to sit (though of course you can’t at present).  Opulence and grandeur ooze from the walls and pastries and cakes descend from the bakery!

We Recommend:  The Matcha Latte (FYI don’t stir it, learnt the hard way with this one)

Where to find them:  Braubachstraße 24

The Holy Cross Brewing Society – Innenstadt

As well as holding a special place in our hearts (Kelly and I met here) they serve great coffee!  They source interesting coffees so pick up a bag to take home with you!

Where to find them:  Fahrgasse 7

Drei Kaffeebar

A newcomer to the Frankfurt coffee scene with a big emphasis on coffee origins and interesting blends.  Unfortunately for the most part they we stay closed for lockdown.  However, do not despair on the 14 November they will be open from 10am-6pm serving their speciality coffee and yummy cinnamon buns!

We Recommend:  The freshly baked cinnamon rolls that are freshly baked on a Friday.  Also remember you walked there right? So you totally deserve one!

Where to find them:  Fahrgasse 23

Cafe 48 – Nordend

So whilst the coffee shop remains closed and can only offer takeaway, walk your coffee down the drag to  2nd Home.   2nd Home has beautiful home wear and all sorts of other irresistible things!  With all the time we spending at home makes sense to brighten it up and add an accessory or two.

(Under normal circumstances)We Recommend: Avocado and feta smash on brown bread topped with poached eggs, just thinking about it makes me hungry!

Where to find them:  Rotlintstraße 48

Oheim – Sachsenhausen

Oheim is the most glorious little cafe located in Sachsenhausen.  Furthermore there is always a wonderful array of delicious cakes to tickle your taste buds!

Where to find them:  Oppenheimer Landstraße 48

Wilson & Oskar – Roedelheim

Along the Main Street in Roedelheim you’ll find this cute cafe!  They deliver too, even if it’s just a coffee!

Where to find them:  Lorscher Straße 13


If you happen to be one of the guardians of the Euro (thankless job we imagine)or visiting them, then caffeine must be necessary!

Where to find them: Hanauer Landstraße 82

Good to know:  they have a fairly extensive ‘to go menu’

Lucille Kaffeehaus

With a record store right next door, what’s not to love!?

Where to find them: Friedberger Landstraße 100

Good to know:  From Monday 9th they start their takeaway food menu. AND all the packaging is compostable and recyclable 

Espresso Espresso

Now here’s a window that can offer you something a little stronger than coffee and goodness knows we may need it!

Where to find them: Braubachstraße 28

Cafe Maingold

So whilst unfortunately you can’t sit inside and be ‘taken away’ to a bygone era you can still takeaway a nice hot coffee and some baked goods!

Where to find them:  Zeil 1


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