Moving country, city or neighbourhood is often an incredibly stressful process.  The packing, the unpacking, the air freight vs the sea freight, which neighbourhood, which school and where do I get a really really good coffee?!  Now imagine all of that when you don’t speak the language and without someone offering family services to get you settled!  Oh sorry, if you reading this I probably don’t need to tell you to imagine it!  You living it!!

Admittedly, when you move, relocation agency’s are very good at ensuring that Maslow’s first Hierarchy of needs are met.  For example you will not be homeless and you will have WiFi 😜 after that however, you on your own!  But, as we all know, whilst that is incredibly important a move is only as successful as the family settling in and not jumping on a plane straight back to where they came from.

What do Main(e) Familienagentur offer

In short Main(e) Familienagentur are there to help new families have a smooth start in Frankfurt.  For example:

  1. To guide you through the time-consuming tasks of becoming familiar with what the new city and all it has to offer for families
  2. Assisting with finding the right school and then registration
  3. Finding a paediatrician or doctor
  4. Organising birthday parties
  5. General administration when settling in in Frankfurt

Having said all that, Main(e) Familienagentur is not only for new families, they offer fantastic support services for your entire stay in Frankfurt.  For a complete list of all the packages and services they have to offer checkout their website. Also please not, the above mentioned is not an exhausted list and Main(e) Familienagentur can tailor a bespoke package that is perfect for your individual needs.

Oh what I wouldn’t have given to have Sandra and her services at my disposal!  I had some incredibly stressful moments when I first arrived! Finding a paediatrician being just one of them, and I would have loved someone to guide me through.

Additional Information

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