Boy oh boy, life is all a bit crazy right now. Who would have thought we would live through a pandemic??!! I know we’ve all experienced a lot of different emotions these past few months and hopefully it’s got all of us thinking. Many of us are coming out of lockdown now and trying to get back to a somewhat normal life, whatever that means. Here in Frankfurt we now have several new freedoms, shops are opening, beer gardens can now be enjoyed and restaurants too will open in the next few weeks. But with these new freedoms comes responsibility and we all must do our part. It’s now mandatory to wear a mask in shops and on public transportation. It’s totally going to take some time to get use too, but in due time we won’t even think twice about it.

I’ve started looking at masks as the new fashion accessory. This week I take 4 outfits and style each outfit with a colourful mask made by me. Wearing a mask doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun. You can now express yourself with a mask! Cool no??!!! So find yourself some kick ass masks to add a little pizzazz to your outfits!

If you would like to order a mask from me, please contact me via instagram, just DM me or send me an email at: [email protected]

Outfit 1:

Hat: la_cerise_sur_le_chapeau

Blazer: Zara

Vest: Zara

Jeans: vintage Biba

Shoes: Zara

Earrings: The Hoop Station

Tote Bag: by me

Mask: made by Kelly Ekardt

Outfit 2:

Shirt: All Saints

Dress: secondhand H&M from One Scoop Store

Shoes: secondhand Rogue Matilda from One Scoop Store

Bum Bag: secondhand

Mask: made by Kelly Ekardt

Outtfit 3:

Shirt: vintage from Vintage Revivals

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Topshop

Bumbag: Misty Seven from Olive Loves Alfie

Mask: made by Kelly Ekardt

Outfit 4:

Dress: secondhand Natasha Zinko from Manifesto Woman

Shorts: vintage Levi’s

Shoes: no idea

Hat: Wolf and Gypsy Vintage

Bag: Champion europe

Mask: made by Kelly Ekardt