Now this is a company after our own hearts!  Balanced Kids offer multifunctional toys aimed to not only peak kid’s minds and imagination but also build body awareness and strength.  And most importantly, the products are endless FUN for kids! 

The Story behind Balanced Kids

Another incredible story born out of COVID lockdown!  Marie and Christoph Schmid founded Balanced Kids in November 2020.  Undoubtedly like many parents, they found themselves with a problem to solve during lockdown!  How on earth does one keep one’s children entertained in minimal space with maximum effect!  Additionally, they wanted the solution to be multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing!  Now lets be honest, this is a problem that many parents face regardless of whether the world is in the midst of a pandemic! Definitely check out their products!!

So with a problem to solve they set about their research, trial and error and sourcing products.  Finally they found what they were looking for and as they say ‘the rest is history’. 

It should also be noted, they stock a very curated range of items that are not only multifunctional toys and easy on the eye but provide endless hours of entertainment.  Another added bonus of a very curated range?  There is much less confusion when buying!!

What Multifunctional Toys do Balanced Kids offer?

At present they have 5 core products with an endless possibility of activities for your child’s imagination.

  1. Balance Board
  2. Balance Board Swing and Rings
  3. Balance Stones
  4. Wooden Rainbow
  5. Stepping stones

Good to know

Balanced Kids can only be found online see below for their website.  Worth noting, the offer FREE personal delivery in Frankfurt!

Additional Info:    balanced kids website | instagram