Edelranz Tinte Gin

A classically dry gin with aromatics spanning from across the globe. Tinte Gin is a product of Edelranz from Mainz, Germany. They believe in creating great spirits! Up for auction today is their Tinte Gin. For product information please read below.

Bottle size: 500ml
RRP: €48
Tinte Gin

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Odor profile: The odor palette of Ink Gin begins with subtle floral notes, which are replaced by clear juniper and fresh citrus notes. In the end, a gentle and unobtrusive sweetness with earthy-leathery notes can be perceived. Taste profile: The ink gin is a very soft gin with a full aroma and a pleasant and smooth texture.

The taste profile is complex and multilayered due to the phased development of the aromas on the tongue. Initially clear juniper with slightly floral hints. Followed by citrusnotes, which are dominated by orange. Then an earthy-woody composition, brought about by thesweet and sandalwood. In the finish, the acacia blossom completes the bouquet and gives the gin its final touch with a long aromatic aftertaste. When filled with tonic, the special, complex and mild bouquet unfolds.

Tonic recommendation: Fever-Tree Indian (also suitable: Goldberg / Dr. Polidori’s Dry / Fentimans Tonic Water) Mixing ratio: long drink glass – ¾ full of ice, 5cl gin ink, fill up with tonic according tothe desired intensity (we recommend 150ml)

Tinte Gin

Find out more about Lilith-Wohnen für Frauen here.

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