Yakris Carry On Lanyard

Yakris ‘Carry On’ lanyard in purple

Size:  approx. 70-80 cm long

Material:  Mainly Silk.  Since he material is vintage, discolouration may be seen.

RRP: €59

To find out more about Lilith-Wohnen für Frauen here.




The YAKRIS ‘Carry On’ lanyards are not like all lanyards. They are made from original vintage kimono accessories and are therefore mostly made of silk. They are approx. 70-80 cm long, very robust, and you can carry keys – or, in the current situation, masks. They are sustainable and unique at the same time. They make a great gift for friends, family and yourself. 

Yakris is two beloved friends that share the love for beautiful things, travel and memories that you can bring in form of something extraordinary. They carry a beautiful selection of handmade beauties that you want to wear everyday.



To find out more about Lilith-Wohnen für Frauen here.

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