Yakris Silk Bracelet

Yakris Silk bracelet with Sterling Silver Charm

100% handmade

RRP: €45

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YAKRIS silk bracelets are truly unique. Made from old Japanese silk kimonos and decorated with selected pendants made of real sterling silver. Our pendants vary from travel symbols, zodiac signs to love symbols. We wear them as a friendship band, family band, partner band or just for ourselves. They really fit every occasion. They are also a very special gift for children and young people. The bracelets are extremely robust. If you wear them permanently, they may fall off in a few years – if you believe in them, the wish that came to mind when you first tied the ribbon will come true.

Yakris is two beloved friends that share the love for beautiful things, travel and memories that you can bring in form of something extraordinary. They carry a beautiful selection of handmade beauties that you want to wear everyday.



To find out more about Lilith-Wohnen für Frauen here.

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