Sweats!  Honestly I never thought I would style up a pair of sweats. In fact, I only considered them appropriate for lounging around at home or for sport.  But I am the first to admit that my opinion has changed! I love them! And I plan on wearing them out and about with heels! I know right!!!!??

Now, I had filmed this video before the doom and gloom of the coronavirus, but as we are all now in self isolation it couldn’t be more fitting.  In essence comfort while still feeling cool.  So, grab your sweats and lets get styling.

In this The Style Edit video I take one pair of Bershka grey velour sweats and style them up four different ways. Now a few of these outfits may not be for lounging around the house but once social gatherings are permitted again then you’ll already have your outfit planned!


P.S.  for activities to do in your newly styled outfit check out our ‘so you stuck at home‘ post!

Look 1:

Sweats: Bershka

Shirt: Vintage shirt from Vintage Revivals

Shoes: Birkenstock

Hat: Vintage beanie from Garments Vintage


Look 2:

Sweats: Bershka

Shirt: Zara Ruffle Shirt

Hat: Monki

Earrings: Rosita Bonita

Sunnies: Fendi from Zalando Premium Outlet

Shoes: Diamantre

Bag: Matt and Nat

Look 3:

Sweats: Bershka

Shirt: Zazou Tee

Blazer: Vintage from Lion Heart Vintage

Shoes: Topshop

Bag: Matt and Nat


Look 4:

Sweats: Bershka

Top: Zara

Jacket: Vintage

Hat: Vintage

Sunnies: Rewe

For those of you that don’t own a pair of sweats but would like to, here are some nice suggestions for you below. Happy Shopping.