The discovery of Adriane Moll wines was rather serendipitous if you like.  In fact it was in small coffee shop that no longer exists and one one we rarely visited when it did.  However, the labelling was hard to ignore and so we walked out that day with not only our caffeine fix but also a beautiful bottle of red wine.

Our Introduction to Adriane Moll – The Cabernet Sauvignon

Now this was a great bottle of red (as you can see we couldn’t wait to drink it and had to photograph the empty bottle ????)

If we completely honest we generally fans of the more conventional wine label… saying that we were intrigued by this bottle of wine!

An artist vintner definitely piques our interest!

‘La Passionata’ a beautiful full bodied spicy red did not disappoint. It spent 42 months in the barrel giving it a lovely depth with subtle hints of pepper and paprika coming through. Pouring it into the glass the colour is deep and rich which makes our hearts sing (a halo forms just above the glass ????)

Needless to say The Frankfurt edit thoroughly enjoyed drinking this wine and are very partial to getting a bottle as a gift….anyone?

We will definitely be heading out to Pfalz to visit this glorious winery!

About Adriane Moll Winery

The Moll family has lived in St. Martin since the 17th century.  And since those very early days always been involved in the wine making world or rather always been wine farmers.

Additional Info:  website