BAM BAM Session together with Elaines Deli create a little bit of awesomeness and magic in the open space in front of the deli!  Mini ‘music festivals’ if you will, all outdoors and just perfect when the weather is fine.  The DJ sets begin at 5 and they spin their decks until 10!  By 10 the crowd is heaving and there is no space to swing a cat (if you into that sort of thing ????). Of course if we were in Spain everyone would only just have risen from their siesta and the party would only just be getting started.  If you ‘continental’ like that, don’t panic just make your way over to Off Yard for the after party and watch the sun rise!  BAM BAM thank you Elaine Mam!

Free for anyone to join, bring a picnic blanket, a few cold ones & a smile.  Otherwise, just bring yourself & your special red shoes click your heels together twice & dance!! 

Until the next one, we say…BAM BAM thank you Elaine Mam

Good to know:

  • check out their website and facebook page for details on the next session
  • if the beat doesn’t guide you there, look out for the interesting blue worm-like sculpture (Frank West, Untitled, 2012)
  • Techno music
  • No queues to get in (unless of course its the WC you after I’m afraid!)
  • After party at Off Yard
  • as the party progresses it gets more tricky to get to the bar

Taunustor 1-3
60310Frankfurt am Main

5pm – 10pm

Additional Info:    instagram | facebook