Something Frankfurt has a relatively good percentage of, is green space!  And within this 144 squared kilometres of lushness you are sure to find a safe space for your little humans to run around like lunatics!  When putting together our list of best playgrounds in Frankfurt we decided that there needed to be some aspect to if not entertain the adults, at least caffeinate them!  However, as we all know it’s not a perfect world and thus playgrounds without coffee and food options have been noted.

Sachsenhausen Playground at Goetheturm

Since arriving in 2018 this has been a family favourite of ours!  Not only is there the park but it also backs on the forest where you can ride bikes, build log hideaways and not worry about taking snacks because the restaurant is great!  Also, take a minute to climb Goetheturm and get a phenomenal view over the city!  Also, the playground was recently given a little make over improving the water play section and maze area!

Good to know:  Schmidt_Peccolo am Goetheturm Restaurant serves up traditional german cuisine as well as ice cream and coffee.  Also, they have a take away window so you don’t need to be seated.
Where to find it:  Goetheturm Playground Location

Drachenburg (Spielplatz)

This playgrounds sits in the heart of Frankfurt and made the list not only because it sits right next to our favourite trinkhalle Fein. But because you you can kill two birds with one stone meaning two play dates in one!  Little humans get a play date and mummy/daddy does too!   Now before you judge us, alongside a good Aperol spritz they also serve great coffee and cakes!

Good to know:  the playground is set in a giant sandpit
Where to find it:  Drachenburg Location

Günthersburgpark Kinderspielplatz

Come summer or winter Günthersburgpark and playground is an absolute ‘must know’ for all parents who want to remain sane!  Without a doubt the water slide during the summer months is a popular activity and it provides not only fun but also the opportunity for kids to learn patience!  As well as the water activities there are plenty of other things to do.  Namely the playground with slides, swings, sandpits, basketball court and a football pitch which is literally anywhere and everywhere!

Good to know: There is a Kiosk providing the necessary caffeine, alcoholic beverage and emergency snack when the picnic is devoured 30 seconds after arrival.
Where to find it:  Günthersburgpark Location

Heinrich-Kraft-Park Playground

The zip line and a huge fort like structure at the centre had my kids screeching with delight!  Further a field you’ll also find space to play football, basketball and a small skate park section.

Good to know:  take your own caffeine and SNACKS
Where to find it:  Heinrich-Kraft-Park Location

Spielplatz im Ostpark

Ostpark is a green oasis in the surprise surprise East of the city!  And along with having two playgrounds, one for younger kids and one for older kids it also has a great skate park.  However, we advise little ones only use the skate area early in the day with supervision.  Furthermore the park itself is characterised by the Riedgraben lake which is great for watching the geese and bird life and various other sports facilities, including football and basketball pitches.

Good to know:  there is a kiosk southeast of the pond otherwise check out Aniis, Oosten
Where to find it:  Ostpark spielplatz older kids location ; Ostpark for the younger kids


Firstly we feel it’s important to mention that entry is not free, however, in our opinion it is still definitely worth the visit.  And each season brings something new!  During the summer months take advantage of the sprinkler play area, in the winter head for the hot house or see winter light show.  And all year round feel free to row a boat, take a ride on the Palmengarten express, try your hand at a round of mini golf or simply just wander the glorious gardens!  One thing is for sure there is plenty to keep little hands and feet busy and plenty to learn.

Good to know:  Palmengarten Entry Fees
Where to find it:  Palmengarten Location


Waldspielpark Schwanheim

This is such a cute playground for kids on the lower age spectrum!  Also if your kids are into dinosaurs then this is an absolute must!  With many of the climbing frames and obstacles dinosaur themed!  Also, during the summer months it has a sprinkler or splash area for kids to enjoy.  Also, not far from the park you’ll find  Struwwelpeter Baum which is great fun for the kids to see

Good to know:  take your own caffeine and SNACKS
Where to find it:  Waldspielpark Schwanheim Location


Grüneburgpark Playground

In the heart of Westend lies this enormous open space just inviting you to in!  Also there are 3 small playgrounds throughout the park making them accessible from which ever way you enter.  However, if you are after a coffee you going to want to head across to the Palmengarten side entrance where you’ll find a small independent mobile coffee bar!

Good to know: Brewdis Mobile Kaffeebar serves great coffee starting at 10am on the Palmengarten Side
Where to find it:  Grüneburgpark Location

So there you have it!  Our choice of best playgrounds in Frankfurt for kids, helping mums and dads all across the city survive the day!