Best sweet treats and cake!  We don’t know about you, but this lockdown has got us craving something sweet!!!!! As the days seem to roll into one, life starts to feel a bit, well, drab. So, taking yourself out for some fresh air is pretty exciting when it includes a trip to the bakery!!!!! It’s those little things in life that are just so darn sweet!

So, in no particular order, we’ve compiled a list of some great sweet treat spots for you to try. Just so you know, these places are all open for takeaway. We aren’t about to get your hopes up only to let you down. So, take yourself for a nice walk around the block and pick up a nice big piece of cake or anything that tickles that sweet tooth!


Have you indulged in the new kid on Berger Straße block? Royal Donuts is not only the new kid on the block, but because of its popularity, you will also be queuing around the block!  But don’t let that put you off; we promise it’s worth the wait!  Once you finally get in the door, the real fun starts; which ones to choose??!!!!! We usually indulge in the half-dozen, but you can get yourself just one if you choose; honestly, though it’s an impossible choice, you simply can’t choose only one.


Zeit Für Brot is nothing new, and they are an institution for anything yummy!!  Also, they started right here in Frankfurt! (they have locations in Berlin, Hamburg, and Koln too) Incredibly impressive are the zimtschneckes (cinnamon rolls).  Boy, are they heavenly!!!! They also have a great range of breads, cakes and speciality rolls, all made in-house!


So I am the luckiest woman on the planet as I have this delicious bakery right downstairs!!! The one on Sandweg. Yep, I live above it on the 4th floor. Not too shabby. You’ve got to watch yourself though; it’s easy to want a piece of cake every day as it’s right downstairs. But we’ve managed to control ourselves. However, My daughter and I tried out a new cake every week in the summer. To be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Yes, we have our favourites, like the Vanilla Sahne Cake and their cheesecake!!! OMG!!!! Definitely let us know which is your favourite!


I had always passed Mehlwassersalz, but never brought myself to go in. I wanted too, but it wasn’t until I met up with a friend there that I finally went in. My coffee and zimtschnecke were just divine and whatever my friend had was pretty damn tasty too. They have an array of tasty dishes and sweet treats for takeaway. Treat yourself!  Also they have a pop-up at the famous Chairs Restuarant starting soon! So keep your eyes peeled for that. Follow them via insta!


We understand not everyone can partake in the sweet scene due to dietary issues, but do not fear our dear friends, we have just the treat for you!!! Plants & Cakes specialises in plant only sweets. Raw cakes and treats that are delicious but also so pretty you’re not sure you want to eat it, perhaps just stare at it!



They not only have a salon (cafe) but a Chocolaterie too!  Head into the salon and find selection of cakes and tartlets that will light up the tastebuds and delight the eyes!  The cakes are simply divine!  And, did we mention the Chocolaterie??  It’s quite simply sublime!!! So for all you sweet tooth’s out there, whether it’s a cake, tartlet or good old fashion slab of chocolate you after this spot is an absolute must!!!



They have great cookies!!!!! And other things too, like coffee, BUT THE COOKIES!!!  Did we mention the cookies??

Finally, what’s a cake or sweet treat without a coffee!!  Check out our list of great spots to pick up the perfect cup of Java!