So if you are new to Germany you’ve probably noticed little kiosks (which at times appear a little ‘dodgy’) serving alcohol out of a window.  Hmmmmmm? These my friends are the German institutions called a Trinkhalle. And boy oh boy nothing beats the good ones in the summer.  Grab a nice cold beverage and sit in one of Frankfurts many glorious parks!  One could say Trinkhallen are similar to the British Off-licence only they are far more social.

What is a Trinkhalle or wasserhäuschen or Bude or Kiosk?

A Trinkhalle, in essence are the watering holes of a nation. This definition rings truer than you may realise.  Originally workers drank beer and schnapps (which was even supported to an extend by employers) because tap water was unsafe to drink.  Later Trinkhallen were promoted by the cities to supply water and non-alcoholic drinks to curb the widespread alcoholism amongst the population.

Another thing to remember is that Trinkhallen are very well priced and therefore draw a very ‘diverse’ crowd.  However, don’t let this put you off!! Buy a beverage, choose your company and find somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy it.

Finally, our selection includes not only our favourite Trinkhallen in Frankfurt but also one or two fabulous outdoor bars.

In no particular order we break down our favourite Trinkhallen in Frankfurt

Fein Trinkhalle:

Surrounded almost entirely by double lane traffic lies a little piece of ‘wonderland’. At any moment you half expect the mad hatter and his entourage to descend upon sweepIng you up in myriad of dancing tea cups and singing teapots!  In the summer months it is the perfect spot to grab a cold one or a coffee. Take a moment to relax under the enormous trees while the sun sparks through the leaves!  Also, a kids playground lies but a stones throw away!  Win win we say! CASH ONLY

Gudes Trinkhalle:  

Just off Friedberger Landstraße you’ll find this popular institution!  Absolutely fantastic for a quick cold one after work during the summer months!  We recommend getting there early on weekends as this spot is very popular and gets very crowded.  Also, we love all the colourful murals and beautiful flower boxes that sit at the front!  CASH ONLY

Main Cafe:  

Fair weather only my friends (totally me if I was a bar). This little treasure lies on the south side of the river main and is built into the embankment as you head up to the Museumsufer!  Grab a Riesling (or whatever tickles your fancy) and stroll along the river. Wander until you find a suitable view, take a seat dangle your legs over the edge and watch mama duck and her ducklings.  For the record the city skyline ain’t half bad either!  CASH ONLY

Mikesch’s Kioskbude, Trinkhalle und Wasserhäuschen:  

In what some might assume to be a rather unassuming part of town lies this little kiosk of cold ones.  Now whilst it may appear a little ‘rough around the edges’ the beauty of this spot is its location. It lies along the Nidda River with two substantial parks either side (Solms and Brentano). Say good bye to dull family picnics and the ten tonne cooler box!  CASH ONLY

Espresso Espresso:  

Granted not the most likely name for a bar but boy they have their concept on point!  Coffee of course (and fantastic coffee at that) but aperitif is their smoking gun!  Enjoy their selection of natural wines and drinks  And should the urge grab you  pop round the corner to admire the Römer/Altstadt or cathedral. CASH and CARD above a certain amount

Good to know

  1. Rent a bike and ride through Frankfurt visiting each of these alfresco gems and leave the bike whenever is appropriate to hail a taxi home
  2. All the Trinkhallen we have mentioned are cash only so don’t be caught out
Fein Trinkhalle
Espresso espresso
Best Trinkhalle in Frankfurt