I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Mainly books about helping one find their way.  Also, if you follow me on instagram you may already know I’ve been going through a change, I’ve been on a spiritual journey and hoping to find my true purpose in life. Of course, some may think this is ridiculous, perhaps others might find me erratic and all over the place, well maybe I am ????.  Having said that however, I  truly don’t believe there’s any point to living a life that’s not actually yours.  Life begins when you start living your own life, the life you were meant to live. Once you break away from all the preconceived and engrained belief systems, that’s when you start to awaken. It’s a long process but a freeing one.

Recently I mentioned on instagram some books I have been reading and I wanted to list them here. Some I have only just started reading so I’ll have to keep you posted.  I hope some of these books resonate and help you as much as they have helped me.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

My sister recommended this book and OMG has it opened my eyes. I cried, laughed and had some wow moments, like the light bulb finally went off in my head. It’s basically a book about Glennon untucking herself and telling her story about finally coming into her own. She gives so much amazing advice. An absolute must read.

Human Design by Chetan Parkyn

A friend of mine messaged me on instagram and said do you know your Human Design? I think you’re probably a reflector. I was like no I do not know my human design so I jumped on to google and found out. I went to Jovian Archive to find out my type. I’m actually a Generator. If you are interested in Human Design I highly recommend this book. I’ll be doing a whole post on this soon.

Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

I’m still reading this, but a friend recommended it. It’s about changing your mindset from negativity to positivity and asking for what you want. It’s a powerful book.

Use Your Planets Wisely by Jennifer Freed, PHD

Astrology I’m totally into it and I’m learning more. It’s not just about your star signs but the planets too. I’ve just started diving into this. I’ll keep you updated.

The Money is Coming by Sarah Akwisombe

I took Sarah’s Manifesting and Money course and I did find it very helpful. It’s about finding out what you want, knowing what you want and applying it. It was a lot of changing your mindset towards money. This book goes into more detail about how she went from making no money to making loads just by believing she could do it.

Aping Mankind by Raymond Tallis

If you’re into psychology and want to dive in deeper than read this. I’m just about to start it, but it was recommend by my therapist as I’m interested in learning more about neuroscience. Tallis examines why humans are more than Darwins theory. Each human is unique.

Finally you may want to take a read of my article on ‘fitting in’