We are so excited to give you a preview of all the items we’ll be auctioning off from local brands and businesses from the Frankfurt area!

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Lilith-Wohnen für Frauen. Have a read about the charity here.

Scroll down to have a peak at all the beautiful items up for grabs!


Start: Saturday 12th December 12am

End: Friday 18th Friday 5pm

Where: Under our Auction tab right here on our website

For: Lilith- Wohnen für Frauen

All products in the auction have been kindly donated from all local businesses and brands in the area. We couldn’t be more grateful!!!! So Please set your alarms and tell all your friends about this amazing auction!

All items will be shipped out to you on Saturday 19th December or we can arrange a pick up.

See you online Saturday!

Lilith Beauty

Lilith Beauty is a curation of organic and natural skin care. Lilith offers customers the opportunity to discover, try out and buy natural cosmetics and aromatherapy products that are tailored to their needs. Carefully curated, tested products that combine sustainability, impact and design. It’s not about marketing promises, but about real everyday needs and moments of wellbeing.


Lilith Beauty Gua Sha and Essences Naturelles Face Oil. The Gua Sha is a natural stone for keeping your skin young and beautiful.

The Essences Naturelles Face oil is made with jojoba and vanilla and Immortelle a super power oil for rejuvenating the skin.

It’s made by Bianca’s (the owner) sister in Corsica.

Paired with the Essences Face Oil is the perfect gift for those who love a great skincare product.

RRP: €53

Nanna Gellar

“Nanna Geller’s fine jewelry line playfully combines a vintage feel with a modern look. She designs and handcrafts each of her unique pieces in her Frankfurt atelier.”


Nanna Geller Jewellery Rosa Earcuff. Made with 18K gold and fresh water pearls. The most beautiful earcuff and looks gorgeous with any outfit.

RRP: €120

Edelranz Tinte Gin

A classically dry gin with aromatics spanning from across the globe. Tinte Gin is a product of Edelranz from Mainz, Germany. They believe in creating great spirits! Up for auction today is their Tinte Gin. For product information please read below.

Bottle size: 500ml

RRP: €48


Odor profile: The odor palette of Ink Gin begins with subtle floral notes, which are
replaced by clear juniper and fresh citrus notes. In the end, a gentle and unobtrusive
sweetness with earthy-leathery notes can be perceived. Taste profile: The ink gin is a very soft gin with a full aroma and a pleasant and smooth texture.

The taste profile is complex and multilayered due to the phased development of the aromas on the tongue. Initially clear juniper with slightly floral hints. Followed by citrusnotes, which are dominated by orange. Then an earthy-woody composition, brought about by thesweet and sandalwood. In the finish, the acacia blossom completes the bouquet and gives the gin its final touch with a long aromatic aftertaste. When filled with tonic, the special, complex and mild bouquet unfolds.

Tonic recommendation: Fever-Tree Indian (also suitable: Goldberg / Dr. Polidori’s Dry / Fentimans Tonic Water) Mixing ratio: long drink glass – ¾ full of ice, 5cl gin ink, fill up with tonic according tothe desired intensity (we recommend 150ml)


Wildwax specialises in organic bees wax cover towels. Each of their certified organic beeswax towels is lovingly made by hand in their factory in Frankfurt am Main. Wildwax attaches great importance to the respectful treatment of people, animals and nature.

In order to guarantee the quality of their products, along with their own beekeeper and biologist, they have a team of experts testing their products at three different testing centers: the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the NCP standard (Nature Care Product) as well as the test center for organic farming.


Wildwax Beeswax Cloth Organic Bag Large in the ornaments print. This is the perfect gift for someone who is trying to be more eco conscious. Throw away that plastic and start using Beewax cloths!

Wildwax Beutel Large 28x36cm

RRP: €26.50


Maria Frankfurt specialises in modern and minimal fashion, accessories and art. Curated beautifully by Myriam Beltz.


You’re sure not going to loose your keys or mask with this amazing Ina Seifart Handmade Keyring in Hot Pink from Maria Frankfurt Made in Berlin

RRP: €45


CAPITANA – a label that transforms the wonderful flair of Italy into a fantastically luxurious accessory collection. The Frankfurt designer and founder of the label, Nathali Mack, creates her exclusive scarfs for people who love individuality and style. Each handmade in her atelier.


The Capitana Luneo piccolo scarf, retro 70’s print with playful dragonfly.  Neck scarf that makes a statement.

Suitable for everyday use but glamorous at the same time. The new scarves in the PICCOLO collection can be worn with a classic suit, suit, blouse or a casual shirt. 

triangular 35cm x 35cm x 50cm 

Scarf: 100% silk
Wool Ribbons: 100% viscose 

Animal application made of glass stones limited edition handmade in Germany 

Care instructions: dry cleaning

RRP: €120.00

Von Kronberg

VON KRONBERG stands for sustainable, high-quality jewelry and continues the centuries-old tradition of the Moosbrugger family. Our values ​​are based on timeless design, the promotion of local and sustainable resources and the highest quality standards.


Here we have the beautiful stackable ring, VICTORY from Frankfurt brand Von Kronberg. Every aspect of their brand from design, to product development to the finishing product is sustainable. They believe in designing beautiful jewellery that lasts a lifetime while also being good to the environment.


Ring VICTORY, 18K (750)

The puristic designer ring made of 18 carat (750) recycled rose gold can be individually stacked with all rings from the PURE collection. High-quality. Uncompromisingly sustainable. Handmade in Germany.

Ring available in rose gold or yellow gold, you can choose

RRP: 390,- EUR

This is Early

This is Early represents the love for beautifully designed and handcrafted leather accessories that embrace ecological and ethical awareness. They have donated a beautiful blue pouch for auction.


Big Pouch – Embossing Edition- Handmade Lilly Embossing – sky blue – vegetable tanned made in Germany leather (wet green olive leather),  local production

Measurements 22cm x 17 cm

limited edition of 5 pieces,

RRP: 65€

Nela and Ella

Nela and Ella’s candles are made from 100% vegetable wax and do not contain any alcohol. All candles are vegan and use natural essential oils. The entire production process is sustainable and all materials used are recyclable.


– Ginger and Lime Candle in Tin.

This lovely candle is a mixture of lemon and lime with a spicy note of ginger and white pepper. Rounded off and refined with mild honey. Relaxes and touches the senses!

  • Top note: lemon, lime
  • Heart note: ginger, honey
  • Base note: white pepper

5,5 cm x 5 cm, 100g

RRP: €8

– Miami Sunset Candle in Tin.

Wanderlust? This fragrance will make you happy! Fruity tangelo and tangerine, balanced by moss and sandalwood and a little bit of musk – just a touch of it and the beach comes to you!

  • Top note: Tangelo, Manadrine
  • Heart note: moss, sandalwood 
  • Base note: amber, musk

5,5 cm x 5 cm, 100g

RRP: €8.90

– Gingerbread Candle in Glass.

A nostalgic fragrance that touches the senses – spicy and fresh, refined with sweet nut and vanilla! In addition, the crackling wooden wick gives you that little bit of a fireplace feeling! Bring Christmas to your home!

  • Top note: cinnamon
  • Heart note: ginger, nutmeg 
  • Base note: vanilla

7 cm x 8,5 cm, 180g

RRP: €16.90

–  Pumpkin Spice Candle in Glass.

A spicy pumpkin scent, filled with notes of apples, cinnamon, pumpkin and brown sugar. In addition, the crackling wooden wick gives you that little bit of a fireplace feeling! Perfectly suited to make yourself comfortable at home.

  • Top note: apple
  • Heart note: cinnamon, pumpkin 
  • Base note: brown sugar

7 cm x 8,5 cm, 180g

RRP: €16.90


SinnGut offers design objects, home accessories, lights, art and more that have one thing in common: high standards of design and the quality of the products. They are always looking for new, charming and innovative products. At SinnGut you will find high quality items with a traceable manufacturing process and sustainability at the heart of each product. Many of their products are handcrafted or manufactured in small batches. 


AVOLT Square 1 Limited Edition Pink

This square socket strip with a lead of 1.8 m in length has 3 sockets and 2 USB-A ports. The power strip has a magnetic base and comes with a metal plate and 3M tape, so it can even be mounted on the wall or under your desk.

  • Designer: J. Runströmer / V. Lundberg
  • Energy source: cable connection
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Length: 7.6 cm

RRP: €49


Passeportout is a sustainable clothing brand based in Offenbach.


Passeportout Bref Olaf

Beautiful classic beret made of all natural fibres. 100% organic. Super trendy at the moment and will go with everything!

Size M: 58cm
Material: 100 % Wool

RRP: €38

Lilith Gua Sha
Wildwax Beutel Large
Von Kronberg Victory Ring 18K
Nela and Ella Miami Sunset Candle
Hay Chopping Board Set
2nd Home Urban Nature Candle Holder Set
Silk Armband
Albert's Bird Silk Armband
Ringelreih Dotted Earrings Grey
OYOY Abacus Rainbow
Nanna Gellar Jewellery Rosa Earcuff
Ina Seifart Handmade Keyring
This is Early Big Pouch
Nela and Ella Gingerbread Candle
Passeportout Bref Olaf
Yakris Silk Bracelet
Dr. Jaglas
Charlotte am Main SUNE Tee
Monograph Pen & Pencil Set
Notabag Original in Olive
Edelranz Tinte Gin
Capitana Luneo piccolo scarf,
Nela and Ella Candle
Nela and Ella Ginger & Lime Candle
Nela and Ella Pumpkin Spice Candle
Yakris Forest Candle
Paola Wechs Pottery Idora Mug
2nd Home - Hay Bits and Bobs Large
Indian Goods Company
Gin Stollen & Glögg Gift Set
Sense Organics
TRND Studio Reversible Tote


Yakris is two beloved friends that share the love for beautiful things, travel and memories that you can bring in form of something extraordinary. They carry a beautiful selection of handmade beauties that you want to wear everyday.


You know that beautiful forest scent? That scent you so wish you could bottle up and take home. Well Yakris did just that in their Forest Walk scented candle. Beautiful scent of pines and cedar just after a rainfall. It’s seriously divine.

30 hours burn time, 170g capacity

Paraben free and vegan

RRP: €32

The YAKRIS ‘Carry On’ lanyards are not like all lanyards. They are made from original vintage kimono accessories and are therefore mostly made of silk. They are approx. 70-80 cm long, very robust, and you can carry keys – or, in the current situation, masks. They are sustainable and unique at the same time. They make a great gift for friends, family and yourself. Mainly silk. Since the material is vintage, discoloration may be seen.

RRP: €59

YAKRIS silk bracelets are truly unique. Made from old Japanese silk kimonos and decorated with selected pendants made of real sterling silver. Our pendants vary from travel symbols, zodiac signs to love symbols. We wear them as a friendship band, family band, partner band or just for ourselves. They really fit every occasion. They are also a very special gift for children and young people. The bracelets are extremely robust. If you wear them permanently, they may fall off in a few years – if you believe in them, the wish that came to mind when you first tied the ribbon will come true.

100% handmade

RRP: €45

Paola Wechs Pottery

Paola Wechs isn’t afraid of reinventing herself and this time she’s reinvented herself with beautiful one of kind pottery pieces.

“To bring the experiences of nature, my passion for earth and color and the constant change together and to design objects in the form of clay always fills me with deep joy. I learn something new every day and get to know myself better and better. ”


Idora Mug Blue

Handmade mug

RRP: €25

2nd Home 

2nd Home is a beautifully curated home interiors store located in the heart of Nordend.  For individuals with an eye for style and a love for beautiful things. Maike owner and curator of 2nd Home has done an exceptional job of curating beautiful pieces that will not only make a statement in your home but will bring you joy.



Brighten up your kitchen with this beautiful HAY cutting board set kindly donated from 2nd Home. This beautiful cutting board set from HAY is made of polyethylene with dots underneath for additional stability.

Colour: Light Blue/Green

Material: polyethylene

Dimensions for large board: L40 x W25 x H3.5 cm

Dimensions for small board: L30 x W20 x H2.5 cm

Not suitable for dishwasher



Designed by HAY

Crafted in glass with a matching lid, Bits and Bobs is a small circular container that serves as a catchall for keys, jewelry or small desktop accessories. These containers can be used separately or combined in a cluster.

  • Circular storage container that holds small accessories
  • Glass
  • Round container in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Lid included
  • Height: 3 cm, depth: 11.5 cm, length: 12.5 cm
  • Weight 120 g (without packaging)

RRP: €13


Designed by HAY

Crafted in glass with a matching lid, Bits and Bobs is a small circular container that serves as a catchall for keys, jewelry or small desktop accessories. These containers can be used separately or combined in a cluster.

  • Circular storage container that holds small accessories
  • Glass
  • Round container in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Lid included
  • Height: 3 cm, depth: 15 cm, length: 13.5 cm
  • Weight 300g (without packaging)

RRP: €18


Designed for HAY by Susan Bijl with tonal colourways curated by Bertjan Pot, the Six-Colour Bag showcases both designers’ fascination for materials, patterns and colours in a distinctive and functional shopping bag. The bag is made in durable ripstop nylon and its geometric, six-colour design is available in different combinations.

  • colorful design, six-colours
  • Max. up to 20 kg 
  • Width / height 37 x 71 cm
  • Material: Recycled ripstop nylon 
  • can be used for any occasion 
  • perfectly stable

RRP: €45

Beautiful Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam Ceramic Candle Holder Set Beige and You Yellow

Create a kaleidoscope of color, with Urban Nature Culture’s Wax Light Holders

YOK Yellow small

Material: ceramic
Size: 10 x 7.2 x 10 cm

Beige Large

Material: ceramic
Size: 14 x 5.7 x 10 cm

RRP: €36

Dr. Jaglas

For decades, the Jagla family of pharmacists has been producing a high-percentage bitters with the name Kloster-Elixir based on a medieval monastery recipe. The bitter herbs once grew in monastery gardens and were especially valued after rich meals. Already in the days of the great-grandparents’ colonial goods store Max Jagla, the monastery elixir was very popular as a house specialty with friends, family and regular customers and was carefully refined.


Dr. Jaglas Maca Ginseng – Elixir

The Maca Ginseng Elixir was developed as a special edition for DIE ZEIT, where it was sold exclusively for a few weeks. This handmade Amaro with 35% vol is the further development of the ginseng elixir, which has been expanded to include the nutty maca roots. Maca roots are also known as Peru Ginseng and are found in the upper elevations of the Peruvian Andes. Due to the extreme climatic conditions, they have become robust roots with high resistance over the centuries. They have always been used both as food and as a medicinal plant.


The Maca Ginseng Elixir lies powerful and finely balanced on the tongue. Its note is bitter-sweet and lies in the middle of these taste dimensions. The long finish is underlined by a nutty nuance. After several weeks of ripening, maca and ginseng roots, selected tinctures and essences, etc. made from gentian, cinchona bark, ginger root, cardamom, citrus root, cloves, bitter orange peel, juniper berries, centaury, cinnamon bark, galangal root, camphor, lavender, valerian, citronella, angelica root and a touch of saffron combined to create the balanced heart. The origin, purity and content (e.g. bitter substances, essential oils) of all herbs are precisely defined here. The standardized high demands on the roots, bark and flowers, which are gently macerated in the pharmacy, are even certified according to German Pharmacopoeia quality.

How to Drink:

It is suitable pure (as a digestif), with a few ice cubes (as an aperitif) or as a base for drinks e.g. with tonic or instead of Campari in the Negroni. It is important to “roll” slowly in the front of the mouth – as in a wine tasting.


RRP: €39

Indian Goods Company

Indian Goods Co. started life in Vatsala Murthy’s living room in Frankfurt, in 2016. Born and raised in India, she’d moved to Germany in 2006 and was surprised at the cliche-filled representations of India and Indian culture that she found herself surrounded by.

Her answer to this situation of stereotypes was founding Indian Goods Co.: They present a curated collection of signature products from India that are beautiful, functional and modern. Most of our collaborators and makers are female, a fact we’re very proud of.


Indian Goods Company Tofha Greeting Cards

Tohfa is a set of 6 greeting cards that celebrates the joy of handwritten messages. Each card has a beautiful illustration that celebrates the mood of gifting and festivity, drawn from the iconic Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai. Bespoke Urdu calligraphy in gold adds a beautiful graphic detail: Turn the card over for a brief description of the scene.

Printed by hand, the set is packaged in a bespoke box. These illustrations also make lovely pieces of art, framed individually or as a set.

Tohfa is a limited edition set of 40, created exclusively for Indian Goods Co. by Nargis Shaikh and Zeenat Kulavoor.

Set of 6 cards with 6 envelopes
Card dimensions 21 x 14.5 cm
2 colour screenprint on 270gsm Colorplan Uncoated paper ‘Mist’
Envelope in 120gsm ColorPlan paper ‘Coral’

RRP: €39

Albert’s Bird

Handmade in Königstein im Taunus Albert’s Bird has set itself the goal of promoting local production facilities and therefore only produces in Germany. Design, patterns and cuts are created in the studio of designer Juliane Kowalt in Königstein im Taunus. Every single piece of the collection goes through her hands.


Albert Bird’s Silk Armband

This ribbon Albertchen is a delicate, colorful, happy, noble, stylish and essential silk bracelet with a pendant made of rose gold-plated sterling silver to tie on the wrist or ankle. This armband spices up any outfit!

RRP: €50

Charlotte am Main

Charlotte am Main SUNE light blue striped Tee

This beautiful tee has been handmade in their studio in Bornheim. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted and made with love. This tee is so soft and perfect for everyday wear, but also can be dressed up with a skirt and heels.
Material: 94% viscose 4% elastane 2% lurex Care instructions: 30 degrees Celsius easy-care / delicate cycle, easy ironing inside out, liquid detergent

Sizes:38 (M)

RRP: €79


Noord located in Nordend is a lifestyle shop with all your interior, gifts and gin needs. Curated with the best modern brands.

Gin Stollen & Glögg Gift Set from Noord

The Christmas package consists of a 1,000g gin stollen and the Stockholms Bränneri Gin & Tonic Glögg (500ml). This bundle is lovingly packaged in a limited box, which was specially created by a Dresden pop-up art designer. The creative and extraordinary design stands out from conventional stollen or gift packaging and thus ensures a wonderful bang under your Christmas tree.

RRP: €64.95


Ringelreih is the brainchild of Judith Jude along with her other beautiful brand, Drei Letter Code. Judith appreciates nostalgia and incorporates this in both of her brands. Ringelreih is made from vintage necklaces from Judith’s childhood.


Ringelreih Dotted Line Earrings Grey

Judith’s earrings are a big hit at The Frankfurt Edit office. They seriously go with everything! So don’t miss out!

These earrings are made of gray, transparent plastic with pins made of 952 silver. The earrings have a total length of 14 cm.  Ringelreih materials are all made out of what Judith finds in her studio. They are scraps or materials that she upcycles; therefore the pieces of jewellery are always limited. The dotted line earrings are made from necklaces she had as a child.

RRP: €28

Men Limited

Men Limited is the new brainchild of Goran owner of Liebesdienste. It’s not any men’s store, it’s sophisticated with everything you need from clothing, homeware, gifts and even the most stylish coffee machines around. We are obsessed.


Men Limited Monograph Pen and Pencil Set

Beautiful set of 6 pencils and 5 finalisers. They fit perfectly in your bag. Also the best stocking stuffer.

RRP: €20

Sense Organics 

Sustainable organic clothing for the next generation – fairly produced and traded. For over 20 years Sense Organics has been producing and trading organic baby and childrenswear.



The Sense Organic knitwear range is absolutely divine, especially the P.Picasso knit wrap jacket. This cardigan is made of 100% organic cotton and features a round neckline with buttons on the left side for closure. This cardigan comes in a monochrome color range with a contrasting color on the neckline and on the narrow cuffs. Because it’s a wrap style it is super easy to dress your baby.

  • Made from 100% skin-friendly organic cotton
  • Fabric quality: cotton knit
  • Washable at 30 degrees, not suitable for tumble drying
  • GOTS certified


The Pablo knitted pants are beautifully designed for keeping your baby comfortable and warm. These leggings feature a beautiful cable pattern on the side seams, a stretchy waistband with elastane and long legs with cuffs. The cuffs on the leg ends are turned up and pinned with a button. These leggings are made from 100% organic cotton.

  • Made from 100% skin-friendly organic cotton
  • Fabric quality: cotton knit
  • Washable at 30 degrees, not suitable for tumble drying
  • GOTS certified


This beautiful and versatile blanket is perfect for at home or in the stroller. The Zeus knitted baby blanket is 80 cm x 80 cm. It is particularly warm and cozy thanks to the double-threaded jacquard pattern. It comes in an elegant color combination of either dark gray ecru and caramel or petrol blue and purple. Made from 100% organic cotton.

The article can be machine washed at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle. Please do not tumble dry. GOTS certified and vegan.

The Sense Organics knitwear range for babies and children is GOTS certified. If you would like more information about the Global Organic Textile Standard

RRP: €71

Sonny Lemon

Concept Store for children, founded in 2015, can be found in Frankfurt am Main / Bornheim. Sonny Lemon is Sonja & Oliver. Their focus is on an innovative, wide range in combination with honest advice, experience and a lot of commitment.


OYOY MINi Abacus Rainbow

The Abacus Rainbow is characterized by a unique combination of a fun toy and a decorative and elegant sculpture, making it a useful item in both playrooms and living rooms.

The Abacus Rainbow is made solely of natural beech and painted in calming pastel colours, giving the item its elegant look.
For cleaning it is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth.

Color: Nature
Quality: 100% Ash, 100% Metal Brass Plated
Dimensions: H28,5 x L35,5 x W7,8 cm

RRP: €54


They create quality products that simplify daily life while increasing our positive impact on the environment.


Original Bag in Olive

Notabag is the smart combination of a bag and a backpack. It transforms with a single pull on the straps, so you can put it on your back and free your hands.
Inside the bag, there is an attached pocket where you can keep your wallet or your keys. When the bag is not in use, it folds into that pocket and becomes a hand-sized pouch.
This sleek, eco-friendly tote changes the rules, adapting to everyday life; practical and flexible like no other.

– Size: 45×65 cm
– Pouch size: 13×15,5 cm
– Cotton & rip-stop nylon mix
– Reusable/eco-friendly
– Water-resistant
– Machine-washable

RRP: €24.95

TRND Studio

TRND Studio is a high-quality sustainable outdoor brand specialising in coats and rainwear. Every part of their production process is completely sustainable from start to finish. They believe nothing should be compromised.

Kitchen Mitts – Black Gloves 

Cozy padded black gloves. Simple, and to take you back to childhood.

Made with up-cycled high-performance, water repellent, and breathable fabric and lined with polar fleece. Outdoor use only. Do not use these gloves in your kitchen. Filled with  DuPont ™ Sorona® fake down, a more sustainable alternative to down feathers consisting of 40% polyester and 60% plant-based fiber composed from fermented corn.


Shell fabric: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide

Lining: 100% Polyester

Insulation/ filling:  DuPont ™ Sorona® 40%  Polyester , 60% Sustans

Puff Puff Pack – Large Tote Bag

Our reversible padded, oversized tote bag with a magnetic snap button closure. We made it with up-cycled high-performance, water repellent, and breathable fabric. Strong and durable this bag is lightweight and

Filled with  DuPont ™ Sorona®  fake down, a more sustainable alternative to down feathers consisting of 40% polyester and 60% plant-based fiber composed from fermented corn called ‘sustans.’


Length: 60cm

Height: 43cm

Strap drop length: 76cm


A side: (colour: black ) 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide

B side: (colour: derby red ): 100% Polyamide

Insulation/ filling:  DuPont ™ Sorona®  40%  Polyester , 60% Sustans

RRP: €145