Want to get out of the city?  Looking for a quick easy option for a ski weekend getaway?

Winterberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, lies north of Frankfurt and is a relaxed 2 hour drive away.  The town is well known for ski slopes, trail walking and and biking.  With this in mind, it makes a perfect spot for a quick and easy get out of the city ski week end!

We woke on Saturday morning had a leisurely breakfast before leaving and arrived in time for the afternoon lesson!  Now it’s worth mentioning that we are complete ski novices (my kids never having skied before) and as such our choice of ski school reflects this!  We chose not to be in Winterberg itself, instead we chose a smaller ski school just outside Medebach (see below for link).

Jose, greeted us when we arrived and got all gear sorted immediately, we had to hire the boots and ski’s.  Next, the boys headed onto slopes (term is used very loosely) for their first ever ski lesson!  They absolutely loved it!!  They didn’t manage the full 2 hour lesson, they were pretty spent after an hour and a half and my toes were freezing! Quick bite in the restaurant and it was back to our airbnb for some well deserved rest.

Sunday morning was a three hour lesson broken up by an hour break for recharge and sustenance.  Both my husband and boys headed out this time (perhaps I’ll try my hand or feet next time!). After the lesson we grabbed a quick bite to eat again and headed back to Frankfurt, we were back in time for dinner and everyone was in bed by 7:30pm

Good week end had by all!

Ski School details:

  1. Name:  Schlossberg
  2. Adult and kids ski lessons offered
  3. Lessons offered inEnglish, German, Dutch
  4. currently ski lessons are scheduled to run until early march snow and demand dependant
  5. Friendly, relaxed and incredibly patient teachers
  6. Restaurant on site serving up fresh grub
  7. Deck space outside which is right next slopes so you can watch your kids if you that way inclined
  8. Cash is king

Good to know:

  1. we used airbnb to book an apartment 2 minutes down the road
  2. Check Yeti is good source for finding ski lessons too
  3. for other ideas for places to visit check out our ‘Getaways’ section
weekend ski getaway
get out of the city
get out of the city