Just off the Oberursel main drag you’ll find Dalgona Cafe.  A cafe that took me on an unexpected trip back to my childhood with it’s signature drink!  Namely, the Dalgona latte, a latte topped with shards of deliriously sweet Dalgona sponge candy.  And just to clarify, it was the shards of Dalgona sponge candy that sent me back not the latte.  Of course, growing up in South Africa I knew nothing of Dalgona per say, for me I knew only the sweetness of honeycomb sweets and the inside of a Cadbury crunchie chocolate bar.

The Story behind Dalgona Cafe

A leap of faith.  Well, let’s just say Dalgona Cafe has this running through every aspect of it’s existence, spirit and story!  And, I am absolutely taken by the story Jeong ho and Eunae Kim tell.  In 2019 they packed their bags and left Korea behind.  Despite never having visited and knowing very little about the country they headed for Germany.   Driven only by a deep love and a wish for their children to experience an education and life different than their own.

So, armed with 10 years of experience working in Starbucks and a dream the Dalgona Cafe was born!  Admittedly it wasn’t always smooth sailing it took 6 months before they found the right space and they opened right before the pandemic struck.  But, two years down the line the Dalgona Lattes are coming out hot and fast and their popularity is growing!

Finally, a note on the name, Dalgona is a word that is easily pronounced in German and English and we love that 🙂

The Vibe

Relaxed and easy going with a modern interior.  Honey coloured wood tables are perfectly contrasted with black feature walls and gorgeous floral wall paper.  To offset the black, plants and greenery feature heavily throughout the space.

The Menu

As previously mentioned their signature drink is the Dalgona Latte which is served both hot or cold, perfect for both winter and summer.  Along with a fairly extensive selection of other sweet treats you will find a small selection of savoury dishes made to order.  And rest assured you will not be disappointed with the portion side!   Finally, much of the inspiration for the menu comes from Eunae’s children, favouring the dishes that they most love to eat!.

Good to know

  • They have 2 allocated parking spots right outside the cafe which is super convenient if you driving
  • Jeong ho and Eunae Kim are incredibly warm and welcoming
  • Portions are very generous


Camp-King-Allee 6,

61440 Oberursel (Taunus)


Tuesday – Friday:  9am – 6pm
Saturday:  10am – 6pm

Additional Info:    instagram