Drei kaffeebar makes for the perfect stop off in between while visiting and seeing the sites in the  Altstadt.  Having said that, you absolutely don’t need any other excuse to make the trip other than for their great coffee!  And perhaps for their sinful cinnamon buns!!

The Story

In a that year many of us perhaps might like to forget, 2020 was the start of something remarkable for Stephan, Romy and Anja!  Passion and a love for speciality coffee was the seed, however, responsible consuming and the will to teach others about the journey from bean to cup were the catalyst.  Of course, being your own boss is a pretty good incentive too!

Furthermore since first opening Anja has moved away from Frankfurt and left it in the capable hands of Stephan and Romy

The Vibe

Minimalist black and white colour palette are perfectly complimented with exposed concrete ceilings to create the basic layout.  Large glass windows with benches fitted below allow the light to stream through, and the globe drop lighting fills in whenever necessary!  Green punctuates the minimalism with the plants breathing life into nooks and crannies and tumbling from the ceiling!

The Coffee

So whilst we briefly touched on the coffee and philosophy above lets dig a little deeper.  Drei Kaffeebar use only speciality coffee that is ethically sourced and priced.  Furthermore, they love to change things up and thus change roasters around every other week.  Drei Kaffeebar are fans of lighter roasts which really allow the fruity, nutty notes and aromas to come through and not losing the great acidity.

Good to know they often have very high quality and expensive coffees on hand which they would be absolutely delighted to brew for you on demand!  So, all you coffee connoisseurs this spot should be right up there on places you just have to visit.


Fahrgasse 23
60311 Frankfurt am Main


Monday, Tuesday:  Closed
Wednesday – Sunday:  11am – 6pm

Additional Info:    instagram | facebook