Easter is almost upon us here in Frankfurt and with it hopefully spring!!  Could anyone possibly have imagined that as we all prepared for Easter last year we’d be in the same predicament again this year…sigh!  Now, before we all go into decline and resort to weeping in the corner, let’s focus on the feast!!  Yes, think about all the Easter delights you can look forward to eating, chocolate, lamb, prawns, trout (let’s not worry about the waist line shall we, it’s not like we can go to the beach).  Also, to make things even better Flemings Hotel has taken out all the hassle and prepared the feast for you, the most difficult decisions will be hot or cold, Red or White!  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Cold Easter Menu

Great for those wanting to relax for hours with family or friends. Each person easily helps themselves to: pickled lime salmon with harissa pimento crème and cauliflower, pickled white asparagus with egg and dill vinaigrette and BBQ chicken breast. The confit prawns sit on a colourful bed of quinoa and herb salad and are absolutely delicious.  Other sides include, Mozzarella with half-dried tomatoes and basil, chunks of parmesan and roasted peppers and olives.  Fresh baguette and butter. Finally, the crowning glory is the “Black and White” chocolate mousse duo.

The cold Easter Menu is perfect for the park (Günthersburgpark, Grüneburgpark make great options) and combined it with an Easter Egg hunt, your kids will love you forever!!

Easter in Frankfurt Flemings Hotel

OR  Hot Easter Menu

The Flemings Hotels says ‘save a good appetite for this one’.

Sous-vide cooked Eifel leg of lamb with Dijon mustard jus, ratatouille and rosemary potatoes.

Top it off with dessert, the “Black and White” chocolate mousse duo.

Or, if you prefer fish on your plate at Easter, you can opt for trout in wild garlic butter instead.

Now, choose your Wine

Red or White, it’s really that simple!!

Finally, Order and Pay

  • Each menu serves 4 people and costs 99 Euros
  • Add an additional guest for 22 Euros
  • Book by April 1st
  • Pick up between April 3rd to 5th, 2021

So, sit back, relax, and let Flemings Hotel do all the work for your Easter in Frankfurt this year!