‘I wish’ by Ingrid Godon

The ‘I wish’ exhibition by Ingrid Godon is currently exhibiting at the Museum Angewandte Kunst.  Ingrid Godon, is yet another incredible woman making her mark in the art world. 

A brief introduction to Ingrid Godon

Born in Belgium, Godon was passionate about drawing from a very young age.  Whilst conventional school work felt cumbersome, drawing came naturally to her, much like a duck to water.  After being mentored by a teacher for a year she finally decided to drop out of art school and hone her skill through practice not theory. With her books for adults and children now having been published in over 40 countries it’s comforting to see that for everyone some things come more easily than others.

Also, it’s inspiring for anyone with an absolute passion to realise that whilst not everything may come easily, hard work, perseverance and dedication regardless of circumstance and what society dictates, leaves you free to forge your own destiny.

What to expect

Museum Angewandte Kunst have once again transformed their entire museum to embody, be and live an exhibit.  They have created an open house, an open house to encourage wishes, to encourage open mindedness and to encourage reflection.  Finally, they have created a nurturing space for the many wishes whispered within its walls to grow and perhaps go on and change the world.

‘I wish’ is so much more than a frivolous past time many may perceive the act of wishing to be.  Here, the exhibit invites you to look deeper, reflect and perhaps see something bigger than yourself.  For instance The Creative Space is an area designed to initiate conversations, to question and create an anonymous space to express. I felt almost voyeuristic at times, a feeling that I was seeing someone’s inner most secrets and thoughts not only whilst looking at the images on the walls but when reading the words that accompanied them.

Throughout the exhibition El Barrio together with d.o.o.r. Oona Kastner und Dirk Raulf and other incredible musicians will transform the architecture of the museum into an orchestra, catapulting the exhibit to another level.

The Intention?

Is a wish purely for good? Or should it be a purely selfish indulgence?? 

Take for example ‘My one and only wish’ the enormity of the decision did not escape me, no Genies here I’m afraid.  So, with this in mind, what would you wish for?  World peace?  A new car?  To have the perfect body?  Those you love never to experience illness? A pet velociraptor?

We leave you to decide….

Museum Angewandte Kunst
Museum Angewandte Kunst

Finally, with International Women’s day just around the corner we are delighted by the amount of airtime women and their contributions to art are currently getting here in Frankfurt.  Firstly the launch of Fantastic Women at the Schirn in the middle of the month and now the exhibition by Ingrid Godon at Angewandte Kunst.  Women living their truths and inspiring others to live theirs!

Exhibition Highlights

  • performance by YACHT
  • Wednesday 11th the Kinley Boys are in the house – hello cocktails
  • performances by El Barrio for the duration of the exhibition.  Detailed performance schedule here
  • sound 48H silence.  A 48 hour continuous performance by 12 musicians on the final week end of the exhibition

Good to know:

  • exhibition runs until the 15th March 2020
  • for advance tickets click here