So you’ve probably heard that Frankfurt is getting a fashion week. Now I’m going to be totally honest with you for a moment, when I first heard the news my reaction was, what the actual BEEEP! Frankfurt and fashion in the same sentence?! Really? Ok I was also annoyed that my seasonal Berlin Fashion Week Trip just got cancelled, forever! Not ideal.

But actually Frankfurt having its first Fashion Week is honestly, incredible. Frankfurt is taking a major initiative and hosting the very first completely sustainable fashion week ever in the world. This is huge. So what exactly is going on here? Well, next summer, 5-9 July 2021, three major trade shows along with fashion presentations will be moving to Frankfurt from Berlin. Premium, SEEK and NEONYT along with digital presentations, talks and runways shows will showcase sustainable fashion. And for the very first time ever there will be a SKTWK (Skate Week) Showcasing cool clothing, art and presentations in the skate world.

The initiators of Frankfurt Fashion Week, Messe Frankfurt and the Premium Group along with Conscious Fashion Campaign have formed a collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships. Messe Frankfurt will build on its collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships and establish Frankfurt Fashion week as the platform on which to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and help guide the fashion industry into the ‘Decade of Action’.

The aim of Frankfurt Fashion Week is for all exhibitors, participants and partners to align with the Sustainable Development Goals by 2023. These will be incorporated into all formats of Frankfurt Fashion Week. This will help to make the UN’s sustainability goals visible and tangible for the Fashion Week audience. During a one-day Frankfurt Fashion SDG Summit presented by Conscious Fashion Campaign, topics like gender equality, clean water, climate protection, social justice and their significance for a forward-looking fashion industry will be examined in greater depth.


A key feature of Frankfurt Fashion Week will be the consistent involvement of the entire city. Frankfurt will therefore become a stage for contemporary fashion presentations and a discourse space for dialogue between fashion professionals and a fashion-savvy public. A board with 11 creative agencies has been created here in Frankfurt to design a game-changing creative concept for the city. This includes boutiques, museums, universities, brands, arts, musicians, you name it, everyone here in Frankfurt will be involved. Showcasing major talent right here in Frankfurt.

To get involved email Kern Consulting


To get you excited about this new adventure for the city of Frankfurt and all of us too! Us here at TFE hope to be a major part of it, bringing you all the latest fashion news in English and hope to collaborate with many of you. It also gives all of us an opportunity to be involved in an initiative to change the fashion industry for the good.

Along changing fashion for the good, we encourage you to shop locally. We have so many brands and shops here in Frankfurt bringing you the latest and greatest, so please help your community out this year.

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To Fashion of the Future!!!!!