Sometimes In life you meet people who immediately elevate and lift those around them with their energy!  Caro is one of those people!!  So you can only imagine what her flowers do!

Frankfurt Florist, Flowers and Floral Design

Flowers and nature provide a source of inspiration for Caro which translates into each of the pieces she designs and creates. Originally from Mexico her passion and ‘exotic’ roots also mean that each piece is also finished with a light sprinkling or dusting of love and life!  Meaning that the spectacular flower arrangements she magically constructs using either fresh or dried flowers, are honestly something everyone should have.

Weddings, Events, Workshops and More

What would a modern woman in today’s society be if she wasn’t multitasking and juggling a million responsibilities at once!?  With this in mind, Caro does Weddings (beautiful bridal bouquets), corporate events, workshops and special requests (honestly I think she’d give you the world if she could!)

So, if it’s flowers or a Frankfurt Florist you need!  Caro is your woman!



Sandweg 147

Frankfurt am Main

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