The Suite Fabric is a modern boutique hotel located on Hanauer Landstraße in Ostend.

The Hotel

The Suite Fabric is the sister hotel of the famous The Suite Garden, which is located more centrally within the Innenstadt. The hotel is the brain child of Laura Heil and Hannah Chbib and more often than not you’ll find at least one of them at reception. Along with being incredibly hands on, the duo have created the perfect mixture of modern urbanity and culture diversity.

In each room at Fabric you’ll find a neutral colour palette, their signature black canopy bed and soft furnishings that beautifully punctuate the space with small pops of colour.  Furthermore, the canopy bed was a labour of love for Laura and Hannah who designed and created it specifically for the hotel.

Each room, big or small has a self-service kitchen, a beautiful spacious bathroom and a main living room area. However, there is no standardised room floor plan each is uniques.  With this in mind, some are designed more with a studio space in mind, whilst others have more of an apartment feel with separate closed off bedrooms.

The Feel

This modern boutique hotel is both relaxed and welcoming!

Firstly, the lobby is a space that literally lifts your spirits the moment you walk in!  Secondly, through the bold colours and the clever use of texture they create intimate ‘enclaves’ within their larger space.  Meaning that each time you visit theres the opportunity for a new feel and experience!  Finally, along with creating this wonderful space they have teamed up with Bohnerie to provide sublime coffee, no excuse not to pop in!!

Good to know

Hanauer Landstraße 14
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook