Whilst it’s near impossible to walk a few blocks in New York or Los Angeles without stumbling into a boutique fitness studio the same cannot be said for Frankfurt (yet). However, do not despair because within eyeshot of Eschenheimer Turm lies Frankfurts first boutique Pilates reformer studio, Pilates Infused!  And believe us when we say ‘it’s gonna burn’ but in the best possible way!

The Story behind this Pilates reformer studio

If I have heard this story once, I have a heard it a 100 times!  ‘Couldn’t find what she was looking for so created it herself!’

Angela Thomas is a Frankfurter by birth but a well seasoned traveller and explorer by choice.   Having lived all across the globe Thomas settled back in Frankfurt a little of 8 years ago.  And her time abroad opened her eyes to many cool experiences!  Experiences that once she was back in Frankfurt she couldn’t find anywhere.  In particular, she missed the fast paced Pilates reformer classes she attended while living in Los Angeles.

So what does one do if you can’t find what you looking for?  You create it yourself!  And this is exactly how Pilates Infused was born!  Of course it didn’t happen over night and it took the right partner and the right time to bring it to life.  Pilates Infused together with Ehrlich Grun create Studio Tuesday.  A cafe and Pilates studio all under one roof.

The VIBE and Group Reformer Classes

The operative word for describing the Pilates Infused class style is in the name, ‘INFUSED’.  So whilst, all the Pilates instructors are classically trained they are also open minded and full of energy.  Meaning that the classes will of course have a foundation in classical Pilates but they will also be infused with music, fun, high intensity and open mindedness.

The Pilates Studio is modern and home to 7 reformers to see you through your paces!   Glass brick walls contrast beautifully with the chrome and black of the reformers!  Further more, light reflects and refracts through and into the space creating an uplifting energising energy!  A large fully mirrored wall cleverly adds to the feeling of space and size of the studio.

Mum (and bring your baby) Group Reformer Classes

A Pilates reformer studio with everyone in mind!  Essentially until your baby is mobile you are able to bring your little human with you to class!  The class is designed to safely get new mums active again without the anxiety of finding a sitter and leaving their newborns at home!  It’s also a great way for second, third time mums to find a community, to socialise and have a coffee in the adjoined cafe!

Pregnancy and Rückbildung Group Reformer Classes

It’s so important to stay fit and healthy whilst pregnant and Pilates Infused understands this.  Thus, they have classes that are specifically centred around pregnant mums.  So not only do you have the opportunity to get your body in optimal health for the birthing process but also to meet others in similar phase in their lives.

One of the wonderful things that I have come to find in Germany is the focus on helping new mums heal correctly after birth.  At Pilates Infused reformer studio they offer Rückbildung series of set number of weeks focusing on overall recovery for new mums as well as pelvic floor health and healing.

Good to know

  • You can pay as you go
  • Pilates reformer group Classes can be bought in packages (package dependant classes must be used within 6/12 months)
  • The new Class schedule is published every 2 weeks and opened for bookings.
  • There is often a waiting list so be quick!
  • Find Pilates Infused pricing and class schedule here

Eschersheimer Landstraße 5
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Sunday: check online class schedule

Additional Info:    website | instagram