Pole dancing in Frankfurt.  Wow what a fun and exhilarating experience!!  Now before anyone has a coronary and begins imagining a smoky, low lit gentleman’s bar with scantily clad women gyrating on poles this was anything but that!  However, there is no judgement here if that’s your thing!  But I do want to be clear that Pole dancing is an art form or sport that you make your own.  Meaning, you like sexy?  Make it sexy.  And if you like it as a sport and fitness experience then make it athletic and strength building!  But remember, leave all judgments and expectations at the door.

The Story Behind Revival Pole Fitness

We love stories where life seems to play out exactly as it should.  Where happy ‘accidents’ and serendipitous moments occur and new passions are discovered when you least expect them.  And in our opinion Michelle Polansky introduction to pole dancing was one such event.  As a child Michelle was a passionate gymnast, loving challenging her body with the endless ‘tricks’ gymnastics demands of you. 

However, one summer whilst visiting her sister in South Beach she caught the eye of a stranger whilst practising  aerial silks.  And it was this stranger who recommend that she might try and enjoy pole dancing!  Momentarily preconceived ideas filled her head but being the adventurous spirit she is she pushed them aside and off she went to her first pole class!  Unfortunately it was only a brief soirée with the pole initially as life had other plans for her and she headed to South America with the Peace Corps. 

However, there was no doubt that the pole dancing bug had bitten and for years to come she would practise and slowly learn the art of pole dancing!  And it was would be a few years yet before she would find her way to Argentina where she would receive her certification.  

The Pole Dancing Studio and Vibe

Having lived and worked teaching pole dancing in a studio in Egypt it was clear to Michelle what she wanted for her studio.  A safe space where women regardless of culture or backgrounds could express themselves!  A space to connect, to move to gain strength in not only the physical sense but the mental too!

Michelle is a wonderful teacher and teaches in such a way that she makes the pole accessible to everyone.  Broken down step by step in a relaxed environment with a wicked playlist you’ll find yourself achieving things that you didn’t think you would.  And trust me, I’ve tried pole dancing before and that experience must have resembled an uncooked piece of spaghetti noodle trying to wrap itself around a pole 😂.

Finally keeping the classes small and intimate is important to Michelle.  For this reason she limited the number of poles to 4 and limited the maximum number of students to 6 per class.

More than just Pole Dancing

It’s worth noting that Michelle offers more than just pole dancing classes!  As well as the pole classes she offers handstand and stretching and conditioning classes!  So if you not quite ready to swing round a pole, although we highly highly recommend it, then try the other classes.  For these classes she has up to 8 students per class.

Good to know

  • The pole dancing studio is situated in Niederrad
  • Sign up for a trial class and if you enjoy it and sign up to the intro course you will receive the trial class amount discounted
  • Michelle is a natural teacher and will have you achieving things you didn’t think you could

Triftstraße 19
60528 Frankfurt am Main


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