Preeti Dhillon has many strings to her bow, to name but a few: author, researcher, and avid traveller.  After living on multiple continents, she now finds herself back in Europe and, to our absolute delight, in Frankfurt.  Read more about Preeti below and some of her exciting adventures!

About Preeti Dhillon

Born and raised in the UK, she has lived in six countries and travelled to over 50. We told you she is the adventurous type! When she is not travelling, she is a researcher and writer. Her first book, The Shoulders We Stand On: How Black and Brown People Fought for Change in the UK (Dialogue), was published in 2023.

South America Adventures

Preeti spent much of her twenties in South America, living in Ecuador and El Salvador and travelling extensively across the continent. Initially drawn there by love, she discovered a part of herself she hadn’t known was missing. She learned Spanish, tried her hand at salsa dancing, hiked in Patagonia, got lost in the Amazon, and even got married. South America left an indelible mark on her life.

Return to Europe

As time passed, the distance from family and friends in Europe grew more significant. After a brief stint in London, Preeti and her husband moved to Switzerland, drawn by its mountainous beauty and chocolate—a delightful coincidence after Ecuador. Moving during the Covid pandemic was unusual, often leaving them as the only tourists at hotspots like Zermatt and Interlaken. Switzerland became even more special with the birth of their daughter.

Settling in Frankfurt

Germany, particularly Frankfurt, wasn’t on Preeti’s radar. The decision to move came swiftly, with no one in their circle having experience with the city. Her German husband, despite his heritage, had never visited Frankfurt. A quick day trip from Geneva, while Preeti stayed home with their three-week-old baby, convinced them it was worth the risk.

Preeti is thrilled with their choice. Frankfurt offers diverse cuisine, a family-friendly environment, and ample green spaces. She is thriving in the city and is excited to join our team to help others thrive as well.

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