The Schirn and Minischirn concept is just brilliant in our opinion and we are slightly confused as to why more museums and exhibition halls don’t introduce similar programs. The idea is that with any adult ticket your kids are allowed to enter the Minischirn (for a maximum of 90 minutes, this isn’t daycare ????) where they can explore and learn, leaving you the adult free to explore the exhibitions. And in good knowledge that your children are well taken care of. This allows for both adult and child to have a truly immersive and enjoyable experience leaving the kids with a feeling that cultural activities and museums need not induce ideas of boredom, futility or resistance!

About Schirn in their own words

“The SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANK­FURT is one of most impor­tant exhi­bi­tion venues in Europe. Since opening in 1986, it has presented more than 240 exhi­bi­tions on around 2,000 m² of floor space and can boast a total of more than 8.8 million visi­tors. The SCHIRN focuses on art-histor­ical and historico-cultural themes, discourses, and trends from a contem­po­rary perspec­tive. Its range of offers is multi­fac­eted, inter­na­tional, and progres­sive; it attempts to open up new points of view and to break open tradi­tional patterns of recep­tion. The exhi­bi­tions are devoted in equal measure to contem­po­rary stances in art and art of the modern era.”

60311 Frankfurt am Main

Monday  Closed
Tuesday & Weekends 10am-7pm
Wednesday & Thursday 10am-10pm

Additional Info:

Price Guide: admission fee varies depending on the exhibition, € – €€