Have you ever wondered how t-shirts get printed? Or cloth bags and those art prints that hang on your wall? Most likely they were screen printed! I’ve always been curious about screen printing.  I took a class back in London ages ago but it was just a half day course and we didn’t go into too much detail. I printed a few things and that was the end of my screen printing career. When I had my kids wear brand I outsourced my printing to a local guy in London. It was just easier that way. But still I always wanted to try it again myself.

Screen Printing workshop, a brief overview

I attended one of her Friday sessions from 10am -3pm. I was there with 4 other women. It was so nice to meet some new people and see their cool designs. Most of the course was done in German but if I had any questions or didn’t understand something I just asked Nina to explain it to me in English. Nina had asked us to prepare a design in advance so she could prepare our screens. I had used a design from my kids wear collection from way back when. I still loved the prints I designed and decided I would use these again. I also thought what I great Christmas gift idea. I would take these designs and print them on shirts for my family.

Learning the entire process of screen printing from start to finish was very interesting. I admire Nina for her knowledge in this art. There is a lot to learn and consider when screen printing. Space is one of them. I plan on booking a session again so I can spend some more time learning the kraft and printing other projects.

If you are looking for a unique gift, a team building day or a family outing, I high recommend booking a day session with Nina. It’s super fun and educational too. You never know it may spark something in you.

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