We are obsessed with Wildwax sustainable food storage!!  Why you might ask??  Because, we are obsessed with an organised fridge!  We are also obsessed with glass containers and things looking pretty.  In all seriousness though, a pretty organised fridge makes everyone more inclined to eat their salad in the depths of winter and not reach for the cookie jar!!

With this in mind we’ve found that whilst glass works 80% of the time, there are times when it just doesn’t cut it.  As a result, we’ve been on the look out for something innovative and sustainability minded for quite some time!  We are pleased to say we have eventually found it!

WILDWAX tuch!  Hello world!!! Goodbye Plastic!!

If you anything like us and are trying to eliminate the amount of plastic in your lives here is your answer!  Say goodbye to plastic wrapped sandwiches in your kids lunch boxes, plastic wrapped dishes in your fridge and hard, dried out blocks of cheese in your bin!

Wrap, cover, store!

Finally, they are literally made on our doorstep meaning you can support another innovative local brand!!  As a result, we all hopfully helping in a very small way to preserve this incredible little creature, the bee!

Good to know about Wildwax:

  • Each piece is hand made organic cotton dipped in beeswax (of course it’s way more complex than this)
  • The cotton is loosely woven which means the WILDWAX cloth can absorb the maximum amount of beeswax and still breathe
  • Cool prints which would look awesome at a picnic – I mean aesthetics are important!
  • It literally moulds itself around anything you’d like to wrap
  • They use organic beekeeping and maintain ‘divide free’ bee keeping boxes
  • If you treat it right one piece can last up to 2 years after which it can be composted
  • To buy any of their products check out their online store
  • Alternatively many Alnatura supermarkets stock them
  • In our opinion they a perfect complement to the Hartmud stoneware pieces

Ostparkstraße 11
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook