How many of you went to the Museumsuferfest?! I’m sure many of you did. Now I know it was a few months ago and clearly I’m just writing about this now, but better late then never. I was personally delighted to have attended this year’s glorious event. Last year we had just moved to Frankfurt and were unable to attend, but I’m so glad we did this year.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Museumsuferfest it’s where all the museums in Frankfurt open their doors to you(for a very cheap price I may add) along with a big festival with music, food and stalls full of lovely things for sale. I highly recommend planning your weekend wisely as I don’t think you could physically fit everything in. With all the museums, bands, afterparties and other events coinciding with the fest, it’s just too much to squeeze in everything. Let’s just say you won’t be lacking in things to see!

So what did I get up to that weekend? I started the weekend by meeting friends for a coffee at the Liebighaus. It was a beautiful afternoon. We sat outside in the Liebighaus Courtyard and a coffee and a nice chat. After having a lovely coffee we had a stroll through all the stalls to see what was on offer. Businesses from all over Frankfurt and beyond showcased their product. It also gave me a chance to pick up tickets for the weekend.

Saturday my husband and I visited the Stadel Museum and the Deutches Architekturmuseum along with checking out some of the live music stages. I found myself rocking out to some German hip hop, dancing the tango in the Latino tent and raving to techno beats at the Barrioeu stage til the early hours. The El Barrio nightclub area was hands down my favourite. Situated in the courtyard of the Museum Angewandtekunst, there you could find three stages; the live music stage, the electro stage and the club stage. We had the pleasure of seeing Shantel and Ata on Saturday night inside the Angewandtekunst.

Sunday we decided to take our daughter with us for a family day out at the fest. We met up with some friends there and hit up the Journal Stage for some live music and then wandered over to El Barrio for some more live music. We were super impressed with the sounds of Blue Lab Beats. Afterwards we nipped into the Museum Angewandtekunst (see my write up about the exhibitions here) to have a quick look around as we had never made it into the actual gallery for some art.

The whole weekend vibe was fun and friendly. It was truly a wonderful experience and I can only urge you to get yourself and your family there next year! Tickets are only €12 for the whole weekend! Super cheap family fun! The food was great, the music was rocking and the exhibitions superb!

Frankfurt you sure know how to throw a party!