As we are in a time of uncertainty there’s one thing that’s for sure, we need to support our local shops! One of our favourite kids shops here in Frankfurt is Konfettiwolke. Located on Weberstraße, this is little shop is a treasure cove full of wonderful delights for our little ones. Every time I go in there I find something beautiful!!!! Owner Katharina has an eye for all things adorable and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! She is more than happy to help you find what you are looking for. Janice and I had the pleasure of chatting with Katharina about herself and her wonderful shop. Please read on to learn more. For more information about Konfettiwolke read our write up here.

kids shop
kids shop
kids store

Tell us about yourself. What is your background?

I am Katharina, mother of 2 children (11 and 8 years old) and studied graphic design. I used to work in agencies and in 2001 I started my own business with 4 friends and founded an IT company. But when I got my second child, I left the company and only worked as a freelance graphic designer. In 2010 I founded a small label for children’s clothing and accessories ( With the label, I designed a few collections and sold them on Dawanda and markets. Since 2011, I have been organizing the “Handmade Market in the Green” ( at the Old Airfield in Bonames with a friend, which will take place on 23 June this year.


When did you start Konfettiwolke?

The idea for an own shop was born in 2013, when I was active with my own label and also with the events. After having organized the event “Petit BOO – Handmade for kids” with a friend for a few years and a pop up on the Highest Design Course ( with nice things for kids in Frankfurt, the idea matured into my own shop! A friend offered me an area in her shop in 2014 and so in October 2014 I opened the Konfettiwolke in a small space! After about 1.5 years I moved to our own premises in Weberstraße.


What gave you the idea to open a kidswear and lifestyle shop?

The idea came from all the things I like and do. As a graphic artist, I have a great design affinity and a sense for the eclectic and tasteful. I blogged in the time before the store and also implemented creative ideas with children and furnishing ideas for the blog. And of course I was in contact with designers and shop owners through the children’s collection and events in this area. All these activities and impulses led to the idea of starting my own business!


What inspires you when buying the new collections and arranging the shop for that current season?

I rely mainly on my feeling and my taste. Of course take part in current trends if you feel like it. My children give me impulses, what I should buy and what not. It is important to me to arrange child-appropriate design and functionality with each other. In addition to these aspects, fair production and materials that are as natural as possible also play an important role. And also the parents should like  the products! A friend also pointed out that my home looks exactly like my shop!

kids store
kids store

What are your favourite brands?

In the clothing area definitely Bobo Choses! My kids wore Bobo Choses clothes before the shop opened and the label surprises me every season with a great story and great collection. I am also a big fan of Plantoys, the sustainable and pollution-free wooden toys from Thailand. Already 10 years ago, I bought my daughter the cactus game from Plantoys 🙂

In the baby area Fabelab  is one of my favorites.


You have a great selection of kids books, which books are your favourite?

Yes, as a graphic designer, I am very much in love with books and always have to control myself not to order too many books. My current favourites are:

  • Die Reihe “Little People, big Dreams” (Insel Verlag)
  • “Hier sind wir” by Oliver Jeffers
  • “Schwimmt Brot in Milch?” by Katrin Stangl (Aladin Verlag)
  • “Wer bin ich?” by Owen Davey (Gestalten Verlag)

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would this be?

I am currently working with my friend Özlem ( on a small cooperation – stay tuned!


What is your favourite place in Frankfurt?

I live in Rödelheim and can recommend some great places! The Brentano and Solmspark are located in the middle of Rödelheim. There is even an open-air roller skating rink on which a roller skating disco takes place on the “Rödelheimer Musiknacht” in May. The two outdoor pools, the Brentaonobad and Hausener swimming pool, are in close proximity and the Nidda runs along here. Here you can make great bike trips in both directions and you can in summer, for example.


What do you wish Frankfurt had? What is missing in Frankfurt?

My kids are almost out of age, but I would like to have some more great playgrounds. Also for older children!



Weberstraße 82
60318 Frankfurt am Main


Hours:(as we are dealing with COVID-19 the store is closed, but the online shop is still going)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10am to 6pm

Tuesday 10am to 3pm
Saturday 10am to 3pm


Additional Info: website |instagram | facebook


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