Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.    Pablo Picasso

A quote that couldn’t be more relevant for today and the current climate we are living in!  Undoubtedly we could all use a little washing of the dust from our souls and perhaps an escape from our pandemic ridden reality, even if only for a moment!  Until the 1st of November you have the opportunity to have 3 incredible artists Cornè Theron, Jens-Christian Wittig and William Sweetlove do just that for you!

Art Exhibition Details

Date:  23 October – 1 November

Opening Hours:  11am – 7pm (except Monday and Tuesday)

Place:  Große Eschersheimer Str.16, 60313, Frankfurt am Main

Entrace:  Free

Brought to you by:  The Travelling Art Gallery

Cornè Theron

With her first international exhibition, Cornè Theron brings us ‘AMA’.  A fourteen piece exhibit drawing inspiration from the short film by free diver, Julie Gautier

With a personal endorsement from Artsy CEO Mike Steib it’s hard to believe how incredibly humble Theron remains.  Furthermore, she has a calming energy and air about her, you instantly want to be friends with her.  This energy translate into her artworks which draw you in and force you to interact with them!

Jens-Christian Wittig

Jens-Christian Wittig, is ‘big’ not only in stature (he towers well above the average man) but also in personality!  His vivid artworks are produced using the latest and most complex digital technology which allow him to capture colours unattainable through any other means!  The exceptional vibrancy in the colours and imagery almost burn through into the soul.  Some of the images have a 3D quality to them further intensifying the viewing experience.

William Sweetlove

With a pack of bottle wearing animals staring you down the message couldn’t be more clear!  There is nothing subtle about Sweetloves approach, his intention to draw light on subjects such as climate change, overconsuption and mass production.  To convey his message Sweetlove beautifully combines Dadaism, surrealism and pop art creating sculptures that whilst dealing with complex topics truly delighted the inner child within me!

To summarise, we highly recommend a trip to the exhibition and perhaps with any of the ‘spare pennies’ lying around definitely pick yourself up a collectors piece!