So for all the utter hell that COVID put us through perhaps one positives to come out of it, is a more relaxed view on remote working.  Having said that, another thing I learnt during covid is that only one spouse should be home at any one particular time working remotely 😜. Meaning, if both of you are home you might want to check out some of the best cafes to work remotely in Frankfurt listed below!

The criteria we judged the Best Cafes to work remotely in Frankfurt

  1. easy access to WI-FI (duh)
  2. space – nothing worse than a ‘side eye’ from the manager encouraging you in a not so subtle way to leave so they can have the table
  3. good coffee – imperative in our opinion for Best Cafes to work remotely in Frankfurt

Copper Bay Superfood and Coffee

Some of the things that make Copper Bay such a win for working remotely in Frankfurt are.  Firstly, they are not pushy!  Meaning how much coffee or rather how little coffee you choose to drink doesn’t determine your eligibility to work there.  Secondly, because the cafe is fully digitalised you can choose the amount of interaction you want with staff.  For example if you want to be left alone you can submit your order through their app using the QR on each table.  Unfortunately, until people can move things with their minds the order will need to be brought to you by one of the staff.  However, if you want a little advice or input a staff member will happily take your order at your table.

We love:   Pesto Rosso toast with goats cheese with walnuts (add an egg for good measure 😉)

Where to find them:  Copper Bay Location

Concept cafe

Die Grüne Kaffeebohne

Another cafe in the Ostend along Hanaulandstraße is Die Grüne Kaffeebohne.  A fairly new cafe to the Frankfurt coffee scene and definitely worth a visit.  With a large attention grabbing mural of Wangari Muta Maathai.  A woman who was just as attention grabbing with her extensive activist work, inspiring millions of women and planting just as many trees!

We love:  my boys absolutely love the raw peanut bar

Where to find them:  Die Grune Kaffeebohne Location

Rich Barista

Rich Barista is located in the lobby of nhow Frankfurt Hotel next to Skyline plaza.  What we love about working from here is that whilst it can getting pretty busy at lunch, often it’s low key and relaxed.  Also they have a varied lunch menu, a different dish for each day which is freshly made on site!

Finally, if you are a fan of sweet cakes then you definitely have to try them here!  The GM is a massive lover of all things sweet and thus their freshly made pastries and cakes are absolutely ON POINT!

We love:  the lentil soup that’s served on Thursdays is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.

Where to find them:  Rich Barista Location


Stacks now stands where Bohnerie once stood!  But if you were a fan of the previous owners don’t worry because the new owners seem just as cool!  However, they do bring their own flavour and spin!  Namely two brothers who have combined their two passions coffee and music, aka barista and DJ!  Music is a big focus here!  Spontaneity their vibe!

It’s a split level cafe which in itself is unique here in Frankfurt. The interior is relaxed and casual.  Downstairs, simple wooden tables are dotted around with a large bar and stools at the window   A staircase spirals up to the second level where an enormous wooden table commands the space.  And it’s perfect for working or for large group gatherings.

Good to know:  as mentioned music is a big focus!  So working here early mornings are best as things can get festive!

We love:  the vibe!

Where to find them:  Stacks Location

Best cafes to work remotely in Frankfurt

Cafe Under Pressure

Another of our Best Cafes to work remotely in Frankfurt sits on the quieter side of Sachsenhausen.  Cafe Under Pressure is a hidden gem and every aspect of this coffee haven is made with love. Take for example that the entire interior was built by the owner Sven himself.  He left no detail to chance and in our opinion it looks perfect!

We love:  the banana bread

Where to find them:  Cafe Under Pressure Location


Kaffeemacherei is a fully vegan cafe situated in Nordend.  And what began as a small intimate cafe on Eckenheimer Landstraße has blossomed into an expansive space on Bornwiesenweg!  Golnaz has gone from strength to strength with her incredible vision!

Good to know:  fully vegan

Where to find them:  Kaffeemacherei Location

So there you have it!  Our best cafes to work remotely in Frankfurt!