Copper Bay Superfood and Coffee is a wonderfully relaxed cafe situated only a hop, skip and jump away from the ECB headquarters in Ostend!  Offering a largely vegetarian and Mediterranean-influenced menu has a few fish dishes and plenty of vegan options. Furthermore, the menu is designed to be nourishing and wholesome.  And who doesn’t need that, right!?

The Copper Bay Story

What do you get when you combine a PASSION and a PROJECT?  Yes, you guessed it, you get Copper Bay Superfood and coffee.

Copper Bay is owned and run by Emil Vrgoc and Pamela Pini, both of whom have deep-seated roots in Croatia.  Both Emil and Pamela were born and raised in Germany but coincidentally had parents who moved from the same small time in Croatia!

Emil Vrgoc is an economist by qualification with a lifetime of experience in the construction and property development industry, but he always wanted to find a way to indulge his passion for coffee and healthy eating!  And one thing his work life taught him was that there is not always the opportunity or access to eat wholesome and nourishing food. So Emil and a few colleagues decided to take things into their own hands and got together each day at lunch and made a ‘collaborative’ salad to share.  Of course, this sparked the idea for Copper Bay Superfood and Coffee!  A serendipitous availability of the perfect space meant the rest was history!  Well, not quite; he still had to convince Pamela, his partner in crime.  Pamela Pini is an artist by vocation and ‘soul’ and brings a dynamic and exciting aspect to the cafe with her Pop-up Gallery.  Aesthetically hung like a traditional gallery, the incredible imagery is, in our opinion, distracting in the most wonderful sense of the word!  Also, Pamela has a warmth about her that makes you feel like you’ve known her your whole life.    

Copper Bay Name Origin Story

Now imagine a small bay on the coast of Croatia. The sun is setting, and a copper sheen begins to creep across the water.  Almost suddenly and sometimes only for a second, the entire bay transforms from a magnificent blue to a deep burning red-orange Copper before the large ball of fire silently sinks below the horizon.   HELLO COPPER BAY Superfood and coffee!  Name origin stories don’t come more visceral than that!  

The Superfood Menu

The menu is divided into four main categories: vitamin wellness, protein power, brain booster and soul food.  Moreover, the menu is inspired by Mediterranean flavours, offering pasta bowls, wraps, open sandwiches, smoothie bowls and plenty more!  Meaning, you can tailor your orders to your mood, workday schedule and demands or just try to live up to your New Year’s resolutions and life goals.

As they say, one eats with eyes as well as the taste buds!  And Copper Bay superfood and coffee certainly allows one to do that!  Vibrant dishes overflowing with colour and texture!  The menu is designed to be as ‘waste free’ as possible, dishes being created to not only taste good but incorporate all aspects of the raw produce as much as possible.

The Vibe

Relaxed, family-friendly, environmentally conscious and tech-savvy!

The cafe offers a really nice variety of seating options!  High tables with bar stools, booth-type seating and, of course free standing tables and chairs!  The wooden tables complimented with deep bottled green soft furnishings!

Environmentally conscious and Tech Savvy

We absolutely loved this aspect of the cafe!  They seamlessly allow these two aspects to go hand in hand!  Paperless ordering, payment and receipt!  Everything can be done with a few taps from your phone!  Scan the QR code on your table, make your order and pay online when you are ready and voila, you are done!  Of course, if you prefer the more traditional ordering system of talking to a person, this is absolutely allowed, too!  Ultimately, you are the customer, and you choose the level of interaction that you want.

Also, they do largely use Recup but also give you the option to have a disposable cup!  However, they do use fully compostable cups without any plastic!

Great for Remote/Home Office working

With great Wi-Fi, plug-ins, a relaxed environment and no pushy waiters, this is a perfect spot to ditch your traditional home office and drink some good coffee!

Lila Pop-up Gallery

As mentioned previously, Copper Bay is about more than just superfood and coffee; it’s also about art and expression.  Pamela is an artist so it was important to her that art play a role in the restaurant’s ‘persona’.  And so, now not only can you nourish your body with good food and caffeinate your brain with great coffee, but you can also feed creative souls with the art that hangs from the walls.

Good to know

Sonnemannstraße 53
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Additional Info:    website | instagram