We all need a safe space, and for many of us that space is our homes!  For some women however, this is not the case. The lockdown has made this more apparent as we retreat into our homes away from COVID-19.  This is also a key driving force behind our decision to support a local women’s charity with our auction this year.

The Frankfurt Edit values community and has had it at the core of our business from the very beginning. We have used our platform to provide information and resources to those in our community.  As this last year has brought changes and hardships for many, we feel it’s time we use our platform to give back. We are hosting an auction to raise funds for a worthy cause.  All the funds will be directly donated to noteworthy charity, Lilith-Wohnen für Frauen. The hope?  To help some of the most vulnerable and severely impacted by this unforgiving 2020.

Our Goal:  to raise as much money as possible to go to Lilith – Wohnen für Frauen

In the run up to Christmas we are hosting a virtual auction with all proceeds going to Lilith – Wohnen für Frauen.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the sheer generosity of primarily local businesses (the most farthest afield being from Berlin) All items being showcased in the auction have been donated by these businesses.

How can you help?

The stage is set and the pieces in place! So, with this in mind, we only ask that while you do your Christmas shopping you consider bidding for an item or two.  Open your hearts (and your wallet 😬).  Undoubtedly exhilarating Christmas shopping that feels good!

Who is Lilith – Wohnen für Frauen Women’s Charity?

Lilith is a local women’s charity who provides support and care for homeless and vulnerable women.  They provide a clean and safe living environment with the intention to serve as a stepping stone for women to safely get back on their feet.  Ultimately they facilitate and provide all the necessary tools to help these women achieve independence and stability again.  They provide resources to find suitable counselling and therapy, financial advice and guidance, job search assistance and most importantly a fighting chance.

Often ‘homeless and vulnerable’ conjure up images of drug addicts or the woman you see begging on the street corner with nothing but a blanket a used coffee cup.  The reality is far more nuanced than that.  Many of the women are like you and me, however circumstances have not been kind and they have fallen on hard times.  Many move from sofa to sofa or bed to bed continuously putting themselves into unsavoury situations and harms way.

To summarise, Lilith Wohnen für Frauen provide women hope and a fighting chance!!

If you would like to help further:

  • currently donations of warm clothing and jackets would be greatly appreciated (Preferably Large sizes)
  • Also any donations for the kitchen ie pots and pans would be helpful


Start: Saturday 12th December 12am

End: Friday 18th Friday 5pm

Where:  Auction tab

For: Lilith- Wohnen für Frauen

All products in the auction have been kindly donated from all local businesses and brands in the area. We couldn’t be more grateful!!!! So Please set your alarms and tell all your friends about this amazing auction!