There is just something about wearing a beautiful piece of cashmere!  Something comforting and perhaps some might think a little indulgent.  Well, I was late coming to the party but it’s worth every penny!  Now, CHRISTIN FABIAN brings you exquisite Italian spun cashmere products that not only make you feel good but also save you time because they are machine washable!!!!

The Back Story

This story begins long before CHRISTIN FABIAN was founded and perhaps some might say “it was written in the stars”.  Christin Steinacker the founder and designer of CHRISTIN FABIAN comes from a family of artisans, beginning with her grandmother, a master tailor.  Not only did her grandmother teach her the art of tailoring but she instilled in her a love and enthusiasm for the craft and for fashion!

From there she took it upon herself to learn everything from scratch and from the best!  And so she began her journey as a tailor at Toni Schiesser in Frankfurt am Main – the grande dame of German haute couture!

“This time shaped me and strengthened my passion for fashion, valuable materials, fabrics and yarns as well as high-quality workmanship.”

She then completed her training in Hamburg receiving a degree in fashion design.  From there she was able to apply her skills and creativity at renowned fashion companies across Germany and Italy.


The Cashmere

Cashmere is the finest hair to be found in the animal kingdom. The longer, finer and lighter the cashmere hair, the more luxurious the quality and feel.   Undoubtedly cashmeres ace cards lies in the fact that when it’s cold, it warms. And, when it’s warm, it cools. And finally, cashmere products are breathable.

It should be noted that these advantages of cashmere only arise under the extreme climatic conditions of the Himalayan plateaus. Under the unforgiving conditions of this barren landscape, the cashmere goats develop the uniquely soft undercoat that protects them from the icy winter. Once a year, during the spring, when the climate becomes milder, the shepherds gather the flocks and collect the wool by carefully combing the goat’s hair.  Furthermore, traditional family-run Italian companies spin these fibres into the highest quality yarns.  It is then these yarns that CHRISTIN FABIAN uses.

Importantly CHRISTIN FABIAN only uses yarn spun from the fibres of the “Hircus Laniger” species of goat.  These goats roam with sufficient space in their natural environment and are fed with high-quality, species-appropriate feed.  Moreover, none of these animals are subjected to an often excruciating shearing process in which the fibres are extracted at high speed for greater yield but inferior cashmere products.

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