Oh boy do we have 12 days of deliciousness for you! Today kicks off our 12 days of Christmas Gift Guide. Here at TFE we believe in supporting the local guy and it’s our ethos to shop independent. In this gift guide you will find some of our favourite local designers and shops. Believe us we wish we had more than 12 days because there are way more designers and shops we would have loved to include. But don’t you worry, we’ll be adding more and more information about the locals throughout the year.

Did you know the 12 days of Christmas actually begins on Christmas Day??!!! I know right, but this would be completely bogus for us as we want to inspire you to buy your presents locally here in Frankfurt and before Christmas!!!!!

Here’s to a very merry and local holiday season!

DAY 1:

Looking for something special, beautiful and made by hand? Check out the stunning jewellery collection from NANNA GELLERJEWELLERY She specialises in beautiful pearl pieces that are truly a piece that will last forever.

DAY 2:

When it comes to gifts we believe in quality over quantity. So of course our gift guide consists of pieces that are of the highest upmost quality and today’s pieces are just that! We have here cashmere from Christin Fabian, silk lingerie from Simone Ricker and again jewellery from Nanna Geller Jewellery. All these pieces work so well together.

DAY 3:

How about mixing a bit of luxe with a bit of vintage. Here we have the beautiful silk lingerie pieces from Simone Ricker and a vintage watch from Lili Woellers new jewellery collection. Check it out, it’s wonderful.

DAY 4:

DAY 4 is all about the kiddos! When it comes to gift giving, we prefer to give our kids a gift that keeps on giving. A gift that we know will be used over and over again and allows our little humans to use their imagination. ⁠We have here some cute gifts for different ages:⁠
Tool kit from Moulin Roty⁠
Unicorn Towel and chew toys from Liewood⁠
Friseur Kit from Plan Toys⁠
All of which can be purchased at Konfettiwolke.⁠
⁠If you’re looking for something for an older kid we highly recommend booking a screen printing course from Jakob und Tatze.

DAY 5:

Looking for a smaller gift or something for the stocking then we recommend the following:⁠
Earrings from Indian Goods Company, the best!!!⁠
Tiger bag from Indian Goods Company⁠
Fundamental Berlin Star ornaments from 2nd Home⁠
Sprekenhus Hand Lotion from Philokalist⁠
⁠You can’t go wrong with any of these fine pieces!

DAY 6:

Boy oh boy do we have the best gift idea for you my friends! Yep, it’s a good one! Ok so you have no idea what to get your friend or family member, you want it to be unique but something they would enjoy, personal but not too personal. Ok so you definitely need to head in to Feine Emma over on Vogelstrasse. They have a wonderful selection of dips, chutneys, chocolates, spreads, oils and Apéritifs. You can buy just one or two things or create your own box with a selection of their yummy products. We created a small box for a friend last year and they absolutely loved it! We highly recommend including the Peacetazie. scrumptious.

DAY 7:

We all have friends that love that something for the kitchen whether it be coffee related, baking or cooking. Right now we’re not recommending buying your friend a Kitchen Aid( we’ll happily take one though), but we can definitely suggest:⁠
some beautiful mugs from Hartmud⁠
flavoured syrups for the coffee from Liebesdienste⁠ Home Interiors
a bread making book and mix from Liebesdienste⁠ Home Interiors
spreads and oil from Feine Emma⁠
beer bread mix from Oil & Vinegar⁠

DAY 8:

Let’s talk about beauty products. Now not any ole beauty products, but eco friendly products, ones that are actually good for you and that don’t hurt the world we live in. A guilt-free Christmas gift!!!! ⁠
Philokalist over on Braubachstrasse has the finest selection of environmentally friendly cosmetics for men and women! We promise you we did not leave empty handed. And you our dear friends will not leave empty handed either.⁠

DAY 9:

Gin, we would say is mans best friend, but I guess that’s only if you’re a gin drinker like us! A good bottle of gin is always a good gift. Fact! And a bottle of Tinted Gin from Edelranz is even better. What’s so different about this gin? Well it’s made in Germany and it’s full of all sorts of aromas floral, juniper, citrus, and sandalwood. ⁠
When you first pour the gin into a glass it’s blue, but when you add some tonic it turns purple. It’s a great party trick if you ask us! ⁠
You can purchase these tasty and beautiful gin at Kollekt!

DAY 10:

Christmas gifts can be exciting, innovative and surprising and this is very true of Fundamental Berlin’sproducts. They have created home goods inspired by mathematics of nature. Pretty cool, no?!⁠
Almost all of what they make relies on the user to give it the final touch, to make it his or her own. They work with natural materials such as European oak, Douglas Fir, pure sheet metals, as well as some surprising new materials and processes.⁠
Pictured here is some very cool products designed by them. All of which can be purchased at 2nd Home. ⁠

DAY 11:

Oh the men in our lives! What ever do we buy them for Christmas??!!!! Well we hope yours is easy to buy for then ours hahaha!!!!!⁠
Ok so maybe your first reaction to a candle suggestion might be well hmm no, but friends this candle from Sprekenhus is manly and sexy and just yum! And the Llama matches are just too cool, so yeah it’s a cool gift if you ask us!⁠
Also we highly recommend the Green and the Gent razor and shaving lotion. ⁠
All available at Philokalist.

DAY 12:

So what do you get someone that literally has everything???!!! ⁠A tote bag from PfefferminzGreen of course!⁠
Pfefferminzgreen is small non-profit organisation that has been releasing records, selling visuals, exchanging know-how, organizing events and other creative aspects of life, in order to raise funds for their social projects and local NGOs in Subsaharan Africa. ⁠

Their latest project: With a Little Help from my Friends 2019⁠
In February 2019, together with AIM, they set up a training center in Sierra Leone, where seven women are trained as dressmakers. Having participated in AIM education programs over the past few years, these former women (women who practice female genital cutting as a profession) now turn their backs on this harmful practice and are now supporting AIM’s work in the fight against FGM (Female Genitalia) Mutilation).⁠
⁠The beautiful results of their work can now be purchased for a donation of EUR 30