Dining Raum seamlessly brings together a love for speciality coffee, music and space! This gorgeous cafe is a stone’s throw from the historical Römer, Altstadt.   And they endeavour to bring you a slice of the Australian brunch scene albeit perfectly seasoned to the German palette.

The Story behind Dining Raum

Two Korean cousins far from home, one with a love for speciality coffee the other a love for brunch and both a love for music!  This is how the story begins!

In short, Fabby Shin spent many years living in Australia and Christopher MinJae Sul years perfecting his craft of classical music training all across Europe before arriving in Frankfurt.

And together Christopher MinJae Sul and Fabby Shin bring you Dining Raum on Fahrgasse.


The Concept and Menu

Firstly, the space needed to simple, modern and effortless  And whilst this may seem like an easy task, it’s not!  Think of bed hair, a look that seems simple but is deceptively difficult to do well!

As they say, ‘it takes a village’!  And creating Dining Raum is no exception.  The concept was realised and supervised by the architect and interior designer Wiebke Meyer, Buero One.  Furthermore, the Buero One team was supported by ROC.D with production and assembly of the built-in furniture.  What’s more, a collaboration with E15 helped tie the whole look together.

There is a definite feel of the ‘white cube’ aesthetic, which is very popular in the art world.  Essentially the white cube aesthetic is typically characterised by square/oblong shape, white walls and a light source that often comes from the ceiling!  The dramatic clean lines created by the large coffee bar are softened by the round paper lanterns that drop down non uniformly from the ceiling creating an almost whimsical effect. When visiting take a minute to admire the photography that hangs on the walls!

Next, the menu design.  Like the space the menu too is a collaboration.  In this instance the team collaborated with an Australian cafe and Michelin star chefs to create the bold menu and dishes.  Also in our opinion, the portion sizes are very generous and the plating is absolutely on point!

The Dining Raum Coffee

Continuing with tradition the coffee served at Dining Raum is another collaboration.  This time they collaborated with local roasting legend Hoppenworth and Ploch!

Here they chose Sertão Arabica from Brazil to create the nutty and rich dining room blend.

The Dining Raum Vibe, classical concerts and art

Relaxed, simple and modern with a continuous flow and buzz moving through the cafe throughout the day!

As previously mentioned, the owners are passionate musicians who serve up intimate classical concerts alongside the beautifully plated menu!  Of course the concerts are held outside the office hours and it’s very much patron ‘insider knowledge’.   So be sure to pop in to the cafe and check their window to find out about their upcoming line up’s.

Finally what’s a venue or cafe without staff??  Dining Raum have a great team of friendly staff and baristas to greet and serve you.

What do we recommend?

Hands down the Halloumi Salad!!  In our opinion it was perfectly dressed a combination of black rice, fennel, pickle, beetroot, avocado and greens!

What are the most popular dishes at Dining Raum?

According to the owners, the ricotta pancakes and the prawn pasta.

Good to know

  1. Situated in the heart of the tourist hub so the prices reflect this, however they worth it in our opinion
  2. Kitchen is open 10am to 5pm during opening hours

Fahrgasse 15
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Monday:  closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Additional Info:    Dining Raum website | instagram