Walk into Dylus and you are quietly filled with a confidence that they know what they doing when it comes to hair! The space is beautifully done, clean lines, products for days, lighting that’s kind (ones head popping through a black coverall is almost never flattering!) and you don’t have to sit directly on top of another client!

Bert was kind enough to squeeze me in (must have heard the desperation in my voice as I quietly asked over the phone whether anyone spoke English) and took me under his wing, as my German is nowhere near ready to communicate the in’s and outs of a new hairstyle and his English is perfect!

Every girl needs a “Bert” and a Dylus in their life because lets face it life is too short for bad hair!  And believe me I’ve had my fair share of bad hair where a paper bag would have been appropriate!

Good to know:

  • based in the city Innenstadt and thus prices reflect this

Börsenplatz 13–15
60313 Frankfurt am Main

Sunday & Monday closed
Tuesday-Friday, 9:30am – 7pm
Saturday, 9am – 5pm

Additional Info:   website | facebook