Meet dynamic duo Vicky Prüfer and Amin Baghi, who together with their amazing team are responsible for bringing you two incredible brands here in Frankfurt.   Namely, esistfreitag (creative agency) and Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar (magazine, blog and creative force)!

Who\what is esistfreitag?

To summarise in their own words:

‘esistfreitag_the creative agency in Frankfurt. You might know them as the creators and publishers of Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar (magazine + blog), a platform to connect people living, shaping and loving this beautiful city. But that’s not all, of course. From marketing strategy to print and online, cross channel marketing is their core business. At the heart it’s all about what’s right for the target customer and how to tell a truly valuable story. Oh, and they have the best coffee. Seriously.’

Of course why stop there?  Enter Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar

Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar is how their creative force is working together to help transform and break preconceived ideas of the way people see Frankfurt the city!  In other words they take the time to walk the streets with their eyes wide open, find what so many miss and put it up for all to see!  At different times during the year they go ‘old school’ and publish a magazine which you can pick up at various locations through out the city.  For the rest of the year you can find their blog online!

Good to know:

  • they have an incredible urban space which is available for hire for small events, please inquire directly for more info
  • their incredible coffee comes from none other than, Bohnerie (one of our favourite cafes as you might recall)
  • located in the Altstadt


Fahrgasse 26
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Additional info:

esistfreitag:  website | facebook | instagram

Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar:  website | facebook | instagram