With corona infection rates dramatically on the rise again, restrictions in and around Hessen are tightening and it’s helpful to know where the local Frankfurt COVID-19 test centres are.

 Also, to find some positives in this mentally exhausting rollercoaster, check out the vaccination strategy which is finally picking up momentum!

Test centres that we are aware of to date follow below:

Mass COVID Testing Drive

So, as we all know many countries have been implementing mass testing for quite some time now!  Why it has taken Germany so long to get on the band wagon is anyones guess.  Importantly though they have now!  The German Health minister announced that the government had manage to secure around 200 million self-tests and 800 million rapid tests.

In Germany every individual will be entitled to a weekly test administered by a professional from either a test centre, medical practice or place of work.  Schools and day cares/kitas are of particular focus as the country drives toward getting students back into the classrooms!  The in’s and out of this is yet to be seen.

In Hessen citizens are entitled to one free COVID-19 test a week.  Importantly you can find your closest test centre here.  Input your postcode or area and it will give you a list of centres.

Frankfurt Covid-19 Test Centres:

“Festplatz am Ratsweg“

Drive/walk through test centre just near the Eisporthalle.  The test center is accessible for pedestrians and cyclists, motorists and motorcyclists.  You can remain in your car while they swab your throat.

  • Where:  Am Bornheimer Hang, 60386, Frankfurt am Main
  • Cost:  €69 payments can only be made with EC, Visa and Mastercard.
  • Opening Hours:  Monday – Friday 2pm-7pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
  • Good to know: preregistration is required
City Centre (Opernplatz 2):  ASB Test centre
  • Where:  entrance on Neue Mainzer Straße
  • Cost:
    • Corona rapid test €42.50
    • PCR test with certificate D / E €79.50
    • Corona Test – Combined smear and antibody test €115
  • Opening hours:  Monday-Sunday 6am-7pm
  • Good to know:  book your test here
  • Important:  High-risk Regions (as indicated by the RKI)
Frankfurt Airport:  The Centogene Test centre
MyZeil:  The Centogene Test centre (SARS-CoV-2 PCR-Test)
Hotel The Pure
  • Where: Niddastrasse 86, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • Cost:
    • Antigen rapid test (ART) €58
    • Antigen PCR test €112
    • Antibody test (AKT) €55-60
  • Opening hours:  Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-1pm
  • Good to know: you can arrive without an appointment.  Also, group bookings for home testing (minimum 5 people) can be arrange with Frankfurt aM approx €100 per test
  • Additional information:  The Pure Test Centre
  • Important:   High-risk Regions (as indicated by the RKI)
Ramada Hotel
Messe Frankfurt: Hesse Medical Association (KVH) in Frankfurt
  • Where: grounds of Messe Frankfurt in the Europaviertel.
  • Cost: tests are paid for by statutory and private health insurance companies
  • Opening hours:  Monday-Friday 9am-1pm
  • Good to know: designed as a drive through test centre
  • Additional information: if possible, make an appointment in advance. This can be done either through the family doctor or by calling the phone number 116 117.
  • Important: only people with corona symptoms or those for whom the warning app shows red should come to the test.
Doctors Practice:

Finally, you may also find the following helpful:

To conclude restrictions are open to change at any time so please continue to stay informed and always double check details!