Frankfurt COVID-19 restrictions can at times be difficult to come by in English.  With this in mind, we breakdown what we know about the latest restrictions.  The latest update is effective as of 23/24th of April. 

So once again we make our way back into ‘lockdown’!  However, to find some positives in this mentally exhausting rollercoaster, the vaccination strategy is finally picking up momentum!

The latest guidance from the government (as far as we can determine) is as follows:

Also, see here for a list of  Frankfurt Covid-19 test centres

COVID-19 Lockdown continues until June 30th:

Restrictions are implemented on the basis of the 7 day incidence rate.  If cities and districts exceed a rate of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants over three consecutive days then stricter measures are enforced.

Schools, Daycare and kitas:

  • Daily incident rate <165 = continued hybrid learning continues (homeschooling and on campus learning)
  • Daily incident rate >165 = all face to face teaching to cease

** Please however, confirm with your individual school as they will receive direct instructions from the authorities

Services that remain open:

  • grocery stores (this includes bakeries and butcheries)
  • pharmacies
  •  Florists
  • Garden centres and nurseries
  • Post offices and Parcel stations

Services that remain open with visitors requiring a Negative Covid test

  • Hair salons and barbers
  • Zoo (reservations are required and all animal houses are currently closed on account of corona)
  • Palmengarten and Botanical Gardens (reservations are required)

**  Please note these need to from an official test centre not home kit results and must be less than 24 hours old

Click and Collect (incidence rate >150)

  • Retail (click and collect is permitted)

Open for take away and delivery only:

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops

Closed as of 29th March:

  • Museums

Closed as of 23/24th April

  • gyms
  • fitness centres
  • pools

Public Nightly Curfew

A nightly curfew has been implement between 10pm and 5am

  • walking and jogging is permitted from 10pm until midnight
  • Essential workers are exempt when going to and from their work place

Public Alcohol Ban

The consumption of alcohol in public places continues to remain in place.  Sigh, the Ebbelwei-Expreß will still need to wait!

Private and Public Gatherings

  • As of April 23/24th, private meetings of one’s own household with another household will be limited to 1 person from another household.  Children under 14 are not included in this number
  • Public Gatherings are not allowed
  • If infections remain low, restrictions may be further relaxed: In regions with a seven-day incidence of less than 35 new infections per week, one may possibly be allowed to meet with two other households limited to a maximum of ten people together. Children under 14 are not included in this number

Travel and Overnight stay

  • Accommodation and overnight stays are only permitted for necessary travel and expressly non-tourist purposes.

Religious services

  • Religious services are strongly recommended to be online.
  • Singing is not allowed

Citizens arriving from COVID-19 variant areas

  • Anyone arriving from  areas and countries with widespread occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 virus variants must immediately enter in 14-day quarantine
  • It is not possible to end quarantine by having a negative test
  • A corona vaccination or illness does not exempt one from entering quarantine

To find a list of countries affected check out RKI website (English version available in PDF)

Mass COVID-19  Testing Drive

So, as we all know many countries have been implementing mass testing for quite some time now!  Why it has taken Germany so long to get on the band wagon is anyones guess.  Importantly though they have now!  The German Health minister announced that the government had manage to secure around 200 million self-tests and 800 million rapid tests.

In Germany every individual will be entitled to a weekly test administered by a professional from either a test centre, medical practice or place of work.  Schools and day cares/kitas are of particular focus as the country drives toward getting students back into the classrooms!  The in’s and out of this is yet to be seen.

In Hessen citizens are entitled to one free COVID-19 test a week.  Importantly you can find your closest test centre here.  Input your postcode or area and it will give you a list of centres.


The government have updated the restrictions applying to the type of masks that are now required.  Medical masks (ie. FFP2, KN95 or general medical/surgical masks) when on public transport, hair salons and barbers and in stores and pharmacies etc.  Also, medical masks are required in church services and at funerals

Also, be aware of the 7 common mistakes people make when wearing a mask

Also Mask rules that remain in place

  • Masks are required in all stores and on all forms of public transportation. Also those who are not wearing a mask and those who are not wearing it correctly (Both nose and mouth must be covered) will be fined 60€.

  • Additionally, masks must be worn outside all shops and in car parks
  • Also mask checks on public transport will be stepped up


  • During the winter months it will only be possible to book the window seat
  • Groups travelling together can sit adjacent to one another
  • Additional carriages will be added in order to accommodate travellers and the increased social distancing on trains

Finally, you may also find the following helpful:

To conclude restrictions are open to change at any time so please continue to stay informed and always double check details!