Frankfurt on Foot is the brainchild of Jo and Dave Ator.  They provide beautifully curated English walking tours of Frankfurt.  In my opinion, on foot is the best way to experience a city! In addition, if you have the right guide (we did), your feet shouldn’t notice the distance you covered.  I took my parents and seven and 5-year-old for the tour, and my kids barely moaned. Unfortunately, I believe absolutely no moaning would require earplugs. We covered around 7km on the day and found ourselves thoroughly entertained! In addition, we learned plenty along the way!

I’ve done a fair amount of travelling in my time and thus my fair share of hop on, hop off buses.  As a result, I’ve learned they are a great source of transportation in a city I don’t know but are often far from scintillating educationally (of course, I’m generalising here). Two of my most memorable and educational city tours have been walking ones. Firstly, with Varanasi Walks (Indian theology is on another level!) and now Frankfurt on foot.

My dad is a history buff and literally reads everything and anything he can get his hands on!  Therefore, for him to be impressed and learn something new is one for the record books. For the masses who aren’t history buffs (and have no desire to become one), having a guide that doesn’t bore you to death is the goal. Learning something is an absolute bonus!!  

I shan’t bore you with rehashing all the places we visited that day!  However, I invite you to take the tour and find out for yourself.

So much history, so little time!!

A Note about our Guide:

Many people have knowledge.  A few of those people can impart their knowledge to others.  And then, finally, a tiny and elite percentage of people can draw their audience in, hold their attention and teach them something new.  Dave Ator is one of the latter; his humour is great, too, albeit leaving me speechless at times (in a good way)!

Good to know:

  • Frankfurt on Foot has several experienced guides
  • Tour runs come rain or shine (dedicated, there is no question)
  • No reservation required
  • Meeting point: corner of Braubachstrasse 41 and Neue Krämer at 10 am
  • Great to do when visitors come to visit
  • Private and layover tours can be arranged (for more details, check out their website)
  • For other things to do in the vicinity (including coffee), check out Altstadt

Price guide: 

  • daily tour €18 for adults and €15 for seniors, students and military
  • Private tours €55 – €65 per hour depending on group size (minimum 2-hour booking)
  • Layover tours €135 per person, includes pick up at the airport (each additional person is €10)

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook