The Frankfurt Zoo lies on the border of Bornheim and Ostend and provides endless entertainment for the kids (far better value in our opinion than Opel Zoo). Having grown up in Africa, I’m very much in two minds on my stance on Zoo’s, preferring animals in their natural habitat than in any kind of enclosure (I do realise though that not everyone has access to Africa). The Frankfurt Zoo however, is involved in many research projects involved in animal conservation around the world which helps ease my conscious.

I encourage you to purchase the yearly zoo pass to avoid long lines and this pass enables you to visit anytime you want.

Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1
60316 Frankfurt am Main


Monday-Sunday 9am – 7pm

Additional Info:  website

Price Guide: 

Day Pass: €12 adults/ €6 kids(6-14 years)

Yearly pass: €60 adult/€25 kids(6-14 years)/family €90