Sitting almost unassumingly on Frankfurts Mainzer Landstraße is Gekko House!  The latest addition to the Gekko Group establishments in Frankfurt.

The Vibe

Stepping inside, away from the busy street, you find Southern laid-back charm.  Large emerald green velvet drapes beautifully frame the doorway, revealing a mile-long bar that the eye can’t help but follow!  It all but screams Coyote Ugly until you realise the ceiling is too low to stand comfortably, never mind dance.

The bar backs onto a mesh-like wall.  Everything from signed football jerseys to number plates and a bicycle hang on the metal-like fingers.  Furthermore, wire baskets hang above the bar, housing everything from Nacho libre masks to some of your good old US bourbon and spirits.

Making your way round to the right, you find the elevators along with a bright red neon sign, ‘Spati’, which hangs above a small alcove housing a vending machine.  Without a doubt, it’s one of the coolest vending machines we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing!  Offering you everything from Moët to pretty little notebooks to start journaling – what you choose depends really on the night you plan on having.

The reception area with the bright red Spati and massive framed image of Claudia on emerald green chairs

The Rooms

Whilst Gekko House offers a range of rooms choose from a common theme of exposed concrete walls and emerald green velvet drapes as seen in the lobby run throughout!  Without a doubt, the use of texture and a fairly muted colour palette is expertly executed, giving each room a relaxed yet sumptuous feel.

The Junior suite is an absolute vision.  The elevated bathtub has you dreaming of bubble baths and rose petals and forgetting about the chaos of the outside world, if only for a moment.

Equally as important as the feel and look of a room are the finishing touches.  Most notably for us, the inclusion of an easy-to-use sound system.  Gekko House did not disappoint, with the Marcus speaker providing fantastic sound quality.


Well, where do we begin?  The Rooftop bar or the American BBQ?

Chicago Rooftop bar

Far up and above all the crowds, you will find this urban city garden with a view.  So, grab a cocktail (or 2), sit back and watch the clouds float by.  Also, for food lovers, the pastrami sandwiches should be mentioned

Chicago Williams Restaurant

In their own words, “The BBQ food concept of Chicago Williams is pure passion for “maximum meat performance”. The concept is based on Nawid Samawat, friend and partner of the Gekko Group.”


Mainzer Landstraße 167,

60327 Frankfurt am Main

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