INTERIOR DESIGN: doing it yourself always seems like a good idea, right!?  Until you find you’ve either jumped back under the covers or selected a Hodge Podge of items that make your eyes sting and your bank account empty!

So you nailed the mood board!  Now, however, the sheer number of little paint patches on your wall makes your head want to explode!  Who knew there could be so many variations of ‘off-white’ paint?  And this is before considering the lighting, furniture placement and soft furnishings.  And this is where the help and expertise of Maio Studio is invaluable.

Undoubtedly, making a house a home is definitely easier said than done.  Whether you’ve newly moved, recently renovated or just need an injection of ‘something new’ considering the help of an interior designer may be the difference between ‘love and war’.

The Story Behind Maio Studio Interior Design

Maio Studio, interior design was started in London back in 2017!  At the sturdy helm, meet Carla Maio, founder and head designer!  In essence, the start to where they are now has been an incredibly organic process!  It began with a few small side projects whilst still working full-time at Taylor Howes.  For those unfamiliar, Taylor Howes is one of London’s most prestigious and renowned Interior design businesses based in Knightsbridge.  It is this experience, along with an incredible eye for accessories, that saw Maio Studio thrive and then create Maio Lifestyle.  Gaining extraordinary insight into working with high end customers, their needs and the brands they love to emulate.  Furthermore, she made incredible contacts and gained an understanding of how and where some of the biggest brands, for example, Hermes, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford and The White Company, to name a few, source their products!

Maio Lifestyle

Like so many others, COVID saw many changes for Maio Studio!  Firstly, a relocation to Frankfurt.  And secondly, the birth of Maio Lifestyle.  Maio Lifestyle is the accessories offshoot of Maio Studio.  And for Maio, the goal for Maio Lifestyle was simple!  Namely, it is a small collection of well-thought-out products done to the highest standard.  Currently, the collection consists of Luxury Faux Fur Blanket (ever wondered where Tom Ford sources his faux fur for his runway shows 😉), throws, and hand-poured candles.

The Faux Fur is sourced in Holland and imitates rabbit and mink fur without harming any animals.  Additionally, they are fully vegan and are sure to last a lifetime. Each blanket comes with the choice of suede or satin backing.  Finally, each blanket can be fully customised and crafted using a custom fabric.

The throws are a cotton blend and come in three different styles.  Namely a stitched edge, a fringe detail or a double-sided waffle texture.

Maio Studio Interior Design Style Defined

Of course, one of the most important aspects of Interior Design is to be flexible!  Having said that, everyone has a preferred style and way of working.  In short modern, minimalistic and simple.  Maio wants to Design For Life.  Meaning, create a beautiful and simple foundation that will stand the test of time and add drama, flair and colour through accessories and art!  Over time, there is no question that most of us evolve and what we loved 5 years ago may no longer be our favourite, for example, it’s easier to change the bright red cushions on the sofa than a bright red features wall behind it.

The simple, chic and minimalistic style continues through into the branding and style of the product branding.  All the packaging is designed to be reused.  For example the blankets and throws come in a dust bag and can be reused to store your handbags, and the candle pouches for jewellery.  Also, we love that the candle comes in a sleeve, meaning there is no need for a card, as the note can be written right on the packaging!

Good to know

  • The European Website is coming soon for now, all orders can be done through the UK site
  • Handwritten notes are a common feature when receiving your Maio Products
  • Attention to detail is high up on the agenda
  • For more home decor and soft furnishings, check out 2nd Home in Nordend

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