For decades the west has had an ongoing love affair with a particular bite size asian cuisine, Sushi!  However, step aside because there’s a new roll in town, and it’s making waves, Kimbap!  In recent years Korean cuisine has seen a huge surge in popularity and it’s vying for a place on everyone’s “take out” menu!  Momo Roll is a new restaurant on the Frankfurt scene who’s focus and speciality is in serving Premium Kimbap.

What is Kimbap?

The term kimbap directly translates as “seaweed and rice”,  and as a result it’s often referred to as Korean Sushi.  However, there are some very distinct differences between Japanese sushi and Korean Kimbap.  For one thing, vegetables are a fundamental ingredient in many if not all of the traditional versions served up with your side of chopsticks!

The Story of Momo Roll

Two friends, a love for Korean Kimbap and a vision!

Owned and run by Hanna Hong and Eunchoung Kim, Momo Roll is their vision to serve premium kimbap on the streets of Frankfurt.  No shortage of research went into making this vision come to life including multiple trips back to Korea to ensure they serve up the best kimbap this side of Seoul!

Their concept is simple!  Quality and authenticity!  However, please don’t confuse authenticity with being stuck in the dark ages or lacking imagination!  Their menu is full of modern takes and insightful tweaks that keep up with the times and consumer tastes…hello Keto options!

The Vibe

Essentially it’s modern, simple and fuss free in the best way!  Pops of neon yellow give the space an element of fun while the black pulls it back and gives the space a feel of sophistication!

More importantly it’s designed for a quick bite to eat or grab and go.  Of course this is an all important element for local businesses who may choose to eat at their desk – time is money after all 😉

The Menu

So, the name says it all!  And yes, it’s all about ‘the roll’!! Quality premium kimbap with some of your usual suspects like bulgogi roll.

What Makes their Kimbap stand out from the Crowd??

Well, who knew that the rice and the kimbap could go their separate ways and the kimbap still taste absolutely delicious!  So, for all of you looking for low carb keto option they have it!  And let me tell you it’s delicious!  The care and attention to detail in their flavours really shines through, from the precision they cut the vegetable to the depth of their marinades and length of the marinading process!  Finally, I highly recommend the Yubu keto roll!  Oh and definitely have their miso soup, SO GOOD!!

Deliciousness in every bite!


Frankfurter Str. 60-68
65760 Eschborn


Monday – Friday 11:30am – 4pm

Additional Info:  instagram