Getting there

Legoland Germany is situated on the outskirts of Günzburg, between Stuttgart and Munich.  An easy 2.5 hour drive from Frankfurt (against a glorious Bavarian backdrop) lies a land that a 7 and 5 year olds dreams are made of!  The phrase ‘are we there yet’ never far from their lips and excitement never far from their limbs!

Finally, Pirate Island is in our sights and the kids are literally itching to jump from the moving vehicle, thank god for child lock!!  Each turn and closed door is the gateway to a potential discovery.  Child size Lego figures are dotted around the expansive property as well as various playgrounds and activities of all descriptions .  Excitement levels are off the charts and we haven’t even entered the official park yet. 

Where to stay

In short, Legoland Germany Holiday Village is divided by not only theme (Knights, Cars, Egyptian pyramids, pirates) but also accommodation type (hotel, cottages and camping).  As a result of Pirates being the current craze in our household Pirate Island hotel seemed like the obvious choice!

Our room is fairly spacious and a kids dream! The bathroom and a small passageway separates the master bed and kids sleeping area. Lego wall paper plasters the walls from corner to corner, there is zero chance of forgetting where you are!  A giant treasure map heads the master bed and the kids bunk bed is a boat.  Notably, a lego building plate and a box of Lego pieces spear heads each childs ‘sleeping quarter’.

First on the agenda?  Unlock the safe and retrieve the treasure locked inside by solving the riddle provided.  Before you panic the functional safe is separate.  Second on the agenda?  Essentially run around like a lunatics.  For this reason we make our way outside to the playground.  They head straight for the giant pirate ship where they become engrossed in a magical world of imaginary play for hours!

Where to eat

Since having kids, I don’t know about you, but holiday dining has become a completely different beast in our household!  That is to say, once a quiet and leisurely affair they are now a military exercise executed with varying success rates.  The goal however remains the same, to get in and out without major incident. 

As with the accommodation there is a variety of options for feeding hungry tummies!   Namely the Pirate Tavern (Buffet) and Smugglers Bar, Kings Tavern (a la carte), Jungle Buffet Restaurant and finally a Steakhouse


To summarise, our first evening we headed out to dinner at the Kings Tavern whilst the second evening we chose the Steakhouse.  My expectations were fairly low if I’m honest, theme park catering hmmm.  I was pleasantly surprised with not only lightening speed service but it was also pretty tasty!  Furthermore, a play area was the focal point of each restaurant, meaning we not only got to eat our food and taste it, but we actually got to drink a glass (or two) of wine without incident.  In short – God Bless Lego Land! 

Inside the Park

Like everything at Legoland the park itself is divided by theme:

  1. Ninjago
  2. Pharaoh’s Land
  3. Pirates
  4. Knights Kingdom
  5. Adventure Land
  6. Legocity
  7. Miniland

As a result, it gives you the opportunity to choose your route according to the amount of time you have available to you and your children’s interests.


  1. Map out a basic route with your kids before entering the park
  2. Pack a reusable water bottle
  3. Pack a second change of clothes or rain gear, some of the rides get you wet (rain covers are available at a cost)
  4. Take note of the “Action Shots” image number after each ride if you don’t buy it immediately
  5. Most rides are free but some need to be prebooked and paid for ie. the drivers school
  6. We spent a day and a half (two nights) and this felt like a good amount of time
  7. We went at the beginning of Autumn break and it wasn’t crazy busy (wait times were at most 10 minutes)
  8. A reservation is essential at the Steakhouse
  9. For something closer to home check out Freizeitpark Lochmühle


LEGOLAND Deutschland
89312 Guenzburg
Bavaria – Germany

Additional Info:  website | instagram | Facebook

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